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Those Dreaded Holidays

By Louie D. Locke

Louie D. Locke, co-pastor with his wife, Joni, of Hillside, a Foursquare church in Reno, Nevada, speaks candidly about how he used to totally dread the Thanksgiving holiday. To him, it was more overwhelming than heartwarming. But then a young woman named Julia, a guest from Germany, entered his family’s home, and everything changed.



It Takes a Village Idiot

By Dan Rupple

Through the centuries, the Christian culture has sometimes had an overly austere and pious view of our faith. It makes one wonder if we might have had a more fruitful history if Christians would have lightened up! Written by Dan Rupple, a TV producer, comedy writer, adjunct professor and a licensed Foursquare minister.


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Foursquare Filmmaker Releases Movie

By Marcia Graham and Bill Shepson

Dan Merchant, a longtime member of Beaverton Foursquare Church in Oregon, explores the collision of faith and culture in America in his new film, ‘Lord, Save Us From Your Followers.'



A Laughing Matter

By Ken Walker

God loves His children and enjoys watching them have fun. More important, He can use humor to bring people into His kingdom.