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A New Start: Elaine Vinsonhaler

By Elaine Vinsonhaler

Elaine Vinsonhaler's former addictions almost killed her. But when she gave her life to Christ, she was set free and completely healed. Now she helps others find that same freedom.


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A New Beginning in Christ: Steven and Kimberly Merry

By Steven and Kimberly Merry with Jim Hogan

How one couple left a partying lifestyle behind and found God, who sustained them through their marriage and the severe heart condition of their second child.


Leadership Profiles

Love Lights Up a City: Paul and Karen Yuschak

By Bill Shepson

The pastors of StreetLight Church have reached out to the inner-city streets of their New Jersey town—a move that has forever changed their lives, and the lives of many others.


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God Can Be Trusted: Donny Souza

By Donny Souza

Donny and Heather Souza from Modesto Foursquare Church in California have been through some tough stuff in recent years, including a job loss and a rare illness. But through it all, they have discovered God's care and faithfulness.



The Five Best Gifts You Can Give This Christmas

By Lucinda Chumley

Foursquare Pastor Lucinda Chumley takes us on a journey to discover “The Five Best Gifts You Can Give This Christmas,” offering sage advice gleaned from leaders such as Anna Hayford, as well as lessons learned from her own life.


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Healed: Steve Chamberlain

By Steve Chamberlain

God healed Steve Chamberlain, who now enjoys being involved in the teaching ministry of his local church.


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Hospice Care Chaplain: Phil Demetro

By The Foursquare Church

Retirement didn't last for Phil Demetro. He found himself back in ministry—as a hospice chaplain—offering comfort and encouragement to the terminally-ill and their families.


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Maintaining Campus Health and Safety During the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic

By The Foursquare Church

Learn how to keep your students, staff and faculty safe and healthy during the current and ongoing Influenza A H1N1 pandemic. Current CDC recommendations for colleges and institutions of higher education.



Teaching Centenarians Kung-Fu

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Practicing discipline in our lives presents many challenges, but it reflects increasing maturity as we walk with the Lord.


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Serving Together: John and Candy Sim

By John Sim

From the youngest child on up, Sim family is heavily involved in their Los Angeles-based Foursquare church—and can’t wait to do it all over again, week after week.

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