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Healing at Connection 2012: Kris Sawin

By Kris Sawin

Kris Sawin, a member of Grays Harbor Foursquare Church in Aberdeen, Wash., had been suffering for 18 months with a problematic shoulder that caused pain and limited range of motion. Physical therapy and even surgery had not been entirely effective. But during a time of prayer and worship at Connection 2012 in Phoenix, God touched her—and she was instantly healed.


God Restores the Broken: Cricket and Andy Witt

By Cricket Witt

Cricket Witt and her husband, Andy, are members of Grace Fellowship, a Foursquare church in Absarokee, Mont. Their story is one of restoration—how God can heal the brokenhearted from the wounds of the past. They say God ministered to them through believers who demonstrated their faith by how they lived—with integrity, a love for Christ and an unconditional love for people.



Miracle in the South Pacific

By Jerry Stott

Area Missionary Jerry Stott shares the remarkable story of a Foursquare pastor serving in the island nation of Kiribati who prayed for a miracle and saw God answer in a way that astounded the community and opened doors to the gospel to be shared across the island.


Foursquare Legacy

Lessons I Learned From Sister Aimee

By Lora Barrett

The late Lora Barrett saw a lot of miracles in her lifetime. They became the norm when she was a child at Angelus Temple. Her firsthand recollections sound like something directly out of the book of Acts. While the miracles were important, the lessons Lora learned as a young woman from Sister Aimee impacted her for a lifetime.


Central Office Updates

A King and Kingdom of Power

By Jim Scott

Why does it seem that more miracles occur overseas than in the U.S.? Jim Scott, director of Foursquare Missions International, suggests it has something to do with possessing a settled commitment to experience the power of God personally. He notes that supernatural outpourings in other countries have been the result of an intentional pursuit of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and ministry training.


Foursquare Legacy

The Baltimore Miracles

By Aimee Semple McPherson

Angelus Temple had been open for four years when Sister Aimee embarked on a cross-country evangelistic tour. In Baltimore, when encountering scores of people in casts and wheelchairs who wanted to be healed, she at first froze in fear. But she quickly discovered some important truths about God’s healing power. Part 14 in our “Personal Reflections” series from her memoirs.


Foursquare News

Day 2: Connection 2011 Celebrates Missions, Welcomes Healing

By Beth Mead

The Columbus, Ohio, crowd celebrated all that God is doing around the world, with a special focus on missions. The evening concluded with a time of powerful prayer and healing, led by Leslie Keegel, Foursquare’s national leader of Sri Lanka.


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Hope Despite Broken Dreams: Kristen Richburg

By Kristen Richburg

When Kristen Richburg adopted a little girl from Thailand, it seemed to be a dream come true. Soon after, however, the dream turned into a nightmare. Kristen was forced to relinquish her adopted daughter and was thrust into a pit of guilt and grief. Here she candidly shares her story of healing in the face of overwhelming loss.



Area Report: Central America

By Bill Shepson

People are coming to Christ in astounding numbers through The Foursquare Church in Central America. In 2010 alone, more than half a million people—616,353—made first-time decisions for Christ. Those baptized in water totaled 43,765. And 41,596 were baptized in the Holy Spirit.


Terry Tuinder: In It for the Long Haul

By Bill Shepson

Pastor Terry Tuinder has devoted much of his life to the congregation of New Life (Grand Forks Foursquare Church) in North Dakota, a church he and his wife, Suzette, planted just over 25 years ago. The church has conducted many outreaches through the years, demonstrating the love of Christ and sharing the gospel with anyone willing to listen.

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