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God’s Healing Touch: Avarose Dillon

By Lachelle Dillon

Hearing a frightening medical diagnosis for a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. But as Lachelle Dillon knows from the time her daughter, Avarose, suddenly fell ill, it’s God who has the last word. When friends, family and people from their local Foursquare church started praying, everything changed.



Elicia Hutchinson: Healed at a Foursquare Camp

By Elicia Hutchinson

Sixteen-year-old Elicia Hutchinson struggled with physical disability since birth, and she struggled with her faith in God, too. But when she was prayed for at a Foursquare camp, everything changed. She was miraculously and instantaneously healed, boosting her faith and causing her to open her heart to Jesus Christ.


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Healed Against All Odds: Deborah Melahouris

By Deborah Melahouris

Deborah Melahouris was given only a one percent chance of survival after suffering a stroke. But God had a different diagnosis in mind. Her co-workers in Foursquare’s central offices in Los Angeles, along with family, friends and pastors around the world, interceded for her healing. Today, Deborah is back at work in her role as assistant corporate secretary for Foursquare.


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The Road to Freedom: Dan and Leigh Allen

By Leigh Allen

Dan Allen, a member with his wife, Leigh, of Chapel of Praise in Peru, Ind., was once a functioning alcoholic. The years of heavy drinking took their toll, propelling Dan toward what seemed a certain death in 2011. But God healed him, and now he and Leigh have a powerful message to share with others: God can heal you and set you free.


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Healing at Connection 2012: Kris Sawin

By Kris Sawin

Kris Sawin, a member of Grays Harbor Foursquare Church in Aberdeen, Wash., had been suffering for 18 months with a problematic shoulder that caused pain and limited range of motion. Physical therapy and even surgery had not been entirely effective. But during a time of prayer and worship at Connection 2012 in Phoenix, God touched her—and she was instantly healed.



Matthew 25 - Mark 3: Holy Spirit Power, Love and Self-Control

By Corey (Last Name Withheld)

Foursquare Pastor and Area Missionary Corey (last name withheld for security reasons) remembers the day in church when he prayed for a man who was healed and walked away from his wheelchair. He also remembers how angry the man’s family was. Corey was asked to leave that church, but he says it wasn’t the fault of the people there—his own lack of love and self-control in responding to the Holy Spirit led to the rift.


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Day 2: Connection 2011 Celebrates Missions, Welcomes Healing

By Beth Mead

The Columbus, Ohio, crowd celebrated all that God is doing around the world, with a special focus on missions. The evening concluded with a time of powerful prayer and healing, led by Leslie Keegel, Foursquare’s national leader of Sri Lanka.