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There Is Hope for Haiti

By Ashley Wolpert Miller

Missions Pastor Richard Farris gives updates on Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that changed the face of the nation. He also gives tips for other short-term missions teams looking to serve in Haiti.


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International Updates (Summer 2011)

By The Foursquare Church

Whether it’s responding to the earthquake in New Zealand, the flooding in Colombia, or teaching children in Africa, Foursquare missionaries are making a real difference around the world. Read brief updates from 16 missionaries to see how you can better pray for those serving around the world.


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Team Helps Rebuild Orphanage in Haiti

By Michael Dalton

A team of 19 people from various congregations traveled to Haiti in September to help rebuild an orphanage that had been destroyed in the devastating January earthquake. Led by Matt and Heidi Messner, senior pastors of Faith Center in Eureka, Calif., the team did construction work, and held a camp for displaced orphans and children in the surrounding community.



A Hike to the Ends of the Earth

By Debbie Booker

Amid all the bad news we hear about Haiti, good things are happening, too, as I saw when I went on a hike with a missions team to the top of a remote hill and discovered how God is working there.


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Relief Efforts in Haiti: An Exclusive Report

By Andy Butcher

That relief efforts in Haiti has brought Foursquare churches from across the United States alongside Haitian congregations to begin allocating the nearly $1 million raised in a series of special offerings and collections in the wake of the Jan. 12 disaster. Find out more about what Foursquare has planned to restore and rebuild Haiti.



Lord, Help Me See

By Jonathan Hall

Foursquare Missions International Director Jonathan Hall shares his recent experience traveling to Haiti just after the destruction that left a country devastated.



Why Haiti?

By Daniel A. Brown

When disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti strike, questions arise. Does God cause tragedy? Is it some sort of judgment? Why doesn't He prevent it in the first place? Foursquare Pastor Daniel A. Brown provides a thoughtful, sensitive, biblical response to the questions that are raised when natural disasters occur.



Who Sinned in Haiti?

By Jonathan Hall

The impact from the recent earthquake in Haiti is difficult to comprehend, considering growing numbers of deaths that are reported every day. Jonathan Hall asks us to pray for the people in Haiti with family generosity.