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Wrap-Up: A King Who Welcomes Everyone

By Glenn Burris Jr.

When Jesus came to earth the first time, the world was filled with political unrest, and people focused much attention on the elite, the strong, the beautiful and the achiever. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. says Jesus’ kingdom welcomed everyone—the outcasts, the marginalized, the weak and the oppressed. The president notes that nothing in the last 20 centuries has compared to the life of Christ and the movement He began.



John 13 - 29: Learning to Follow Our King

By Brandon Williams

Foursquare Pastor Brandon Williams says Christmas is a good time to remember how Jesus humbled Himself when He took the form of a child, submitting to His Father’s will. Brandon also notes that, to be ready for Jesus’ return, certainly we need to train leaders—but how thoroughly are we training followers, and being followers of Christ ourselves?



John 8 - 12: Jesus as the Anointed Prophet, Priest and King

By Jack Hayford

Ever wonder what God is up to when He doesn’t act immediately? Pastor Jack Hayford addresses why life-crippling situations invade lives and homes, and why it sometimes seems the Lord is passive or distant when we face pain, problems or defeat. Through all of life’s challenges, God reveals Himself through Jesus Christ as our anointed Prophet, Priest and King.



John 2 - 7: Learning to Live Beyond the Good Old Days

By Kaleb Haub

Sometimes we reminisce about miracles God performed for us in the past and think that the best days are behind us. But Foursquare Minister Kaleb Haub says we should be inspired by “the good old days” to believe God for future miracles and ministry opportunities. God can use our personal stories of His grace and miraculous power to encourage others currently in need of His touch.



Luke 20 - John 1: Recognizing the Signs of His Coming

By John Amstutz

The prophecies in the Bible pertaining to Jesus’ return are abundant. John Amstutz, a Foursquare minister, missionary and author, says the signs are not to frighten us, but rather to motivate us. There is much to be done, and the world is desperately in need of the good news of Jesus’ soon return.



Luke 13 - 19: Prepared for His Return

By Tamara Vrooman

It’s easy to forget to live in expectation of our Soon-Coming King. Foursquare Minister Tamara Vrooman says we need to stop living as though we are employees in God’s kingdom, and start living as dedicated servants of the King. Jesus’ return will be a surprise visit, and He wants to find us prepared and aligned with His purposes.



Luke 8 - 12: King of All: God’s Presence in Our Ministry Work

By Jim Scott

Jesus sent the disciples to minister with the power to cast out demons and to heal the sick, but they returned frustrated and unable to accomplish the task. Sound familiar? Foursquare Missions Director Jim Scott reminds us that when we feel frustrated in ministry work, it is the King of All who equips us in our ministry calling, and that His presence is what brings lasting change as we minister to others.



Luke 1:26 - 7:50: A Faith-Filled “Nevertheless”

By Scott Reece

Sometimes we become tired of ministry, non-results and hard work. District Supervisor Scott Reece says that when we begin in ministry, we have great expectancy and high hopes, but sometimes this whole ministry thing gets a little old. That’s when it’s time for a fresh word from the Lord, a revelation that stirs us up to whisper a faith-filled “nevertheless.”



Mark 11 – Luke 1:25: Anticipating Christ’s Return

By Farrell Lemings

The return of Christ is mentioned in the Bible eight times more often than His first coming, and it’s an important theme that must affect our daily actions. Foursquare Pastor Farrell Lemings describes how we can be ready for Christ’s return by being alert and living “expectant, active and focused” lives in service of our Soon-Coming King.



Mark 5 - 10: Who Is This King?

By Sterling Brackett

Foursquare Chief Operating Officer Sterling Brackett explores who Jesus is by looking at the miracles He performed and the scriptures that talk about His imminent return. He says when our King appears, He will do so in power and great glory to fulfill His promise to all who have accepted His sacrifice as payment for their sin, His complete salvation.

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