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Matt. 26 - Mark 4: Restoring, Not Restarting

By Gus Delgado Jr.

It is all too common to discard things rather than repair them. When it comes to our spiritual lives, however, God wants to restore what seems broken, lost, fallen or irreconcilable instead of just giving us an easy new start. Foursquare Foundation Grant Coordinator Gus Delgado Jr. says we should accept God’s grace for the transformation of our lives.



Matt. 19 - 25: Beware the Warnings

By Mark Slomka

Anticipation of our Soon-Coming King challenges us to live in a manner consistent with His coming. Foursquare Pastor Mark Slomka says we must fight self-deception and keep a clear perspective when it comes to God’s grace, love, truth and justice.



Matt. 13 - 19: Ready for the King

By Heidi Messner

Foursquare Minister Heidi Messner says we have the opportunity to live out God’s kingdom daily while looking forward to spending eternity with Him. But what about taking others with us when we go? What about planting seeds now for a spiritual harvest? Are we living in full anticipation and readiness for our returning King?



Matt. 6 - 12: Anticipating the Sound of a Trumpet

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. says current world events align precisely with the Bible’s admonition not to be taken by surprise about end times and the Lord’s imminent return. The president says, “I plan to live my life fully contending for His present kingdom to rule and reign while continuing to anticipate the sound of a trumpet.”



John 20 – Matthew 5: Spend Time With the Spirit of Truth

By Robert Flores

Sometimes we work so hard trying to please God, only to remember what He wants most from us is our time. Life Pacific College President Robert Flores says he is in the midst of spiritual renewal and enjoying the process of getting in touch with God all over again.



John 13 - 19: Comfort Amid Carnage

By Daniel Blomberg

Chaplain Daniel Blomberg recalls a time when the Holy Spirit directed him to bring comfort to a grieving family following a mass shooting at a local high school. Daniel watched in awe as the Comforter showed up, changed the mood in the room, and brought healing and life to this hurting family.



John 6 - 12: Our Passion for Spirit-Led Ministry

By Humberto "Beto" Paz

Area Missionary Humberto “Beto” Paz describes Jesus’ passion for bringing people to salvation and believes we will share this passion as the Holy Spirit leads us. Beto says Spirit-led ministry will always be fully dependent on the Father and bring glory to God.



Luke 23 - John 5: Spirit-led Living for a Lifetime

By Heidi Chambers

Heidi Chambers, associate director of administrative operations with Foursquare Missions International, knows from experience that the promised gift of the Holy Spirit can empower our daily living, for the entirety of our lives.



Luke 16 - 22: Look Ahead With Holy Spirit Anointing

By Ishtar Gleason

Foursquare Pastor Ishtar Gleason reminds us that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is very personal and comes with significant spiritual authority. “Don’t look back,” she exhorts. Instead, we should look ahead to what God has for us through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.



Luke 9 - 15: The Holy Spirit and Wholeness

By Aura Perez

Foursquare Pastor Aura Perez says our lives will be marked with wisdom when we are filled with the Holy Spirit. His presence will result in the transformation of our families and our communities, and the people in our churches will discover compassion for those around us who do not know God’s love.

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