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Foursquare Legacy

A Lifetime of Stepping Out in Faith

By Vonitta Gurney-Boylan

For almost 40 years, FMI Missionary Vonitta Gurney-Boylan gave her life to the people of Honduras, Ecuador and Argentina. One of the highlights of her ministry was the night the Holy Spirit told her she should preach in Spanish even though she hardly knew language.


Foursquare Legacy

Dedicated Missionary Service to the People of South Africa

By Lewis Ziegler

For 35 years, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Missionary Lewis Ziegler ministered throughout South Africa, following in the footsteps of his parents who helped establish the work in the 1930s. His faithful service led to scores of converts and new Foursquare churches.



North Africa: Where Foursquare Wants to Reach Next

By Andy Butcher

What does it look like to carry out Christ’s Great Commission in North Africa? Discover some interesting facts about the region Foursquare wants to reach next, where conversion is widely illegal, and missionary activity requires courage and caution.



Papua New Guinea: South Pacific’s Missions Hub

By Rachel Chimits

National leaders in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are rising up and taking the lead as pastors and missionaries. PNG is a Stage 4 nation, no longer dependent on outside support; they are self-governing and sending missionaries out into the South Pacific.



Foursquare Family On Mission

By Ted Vail

Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Director Ted Vail shares how God has uniquely positioned the Foursquare family to share the gospel together. What puts FMI in such an exciting place now, he says, is that we have a global force of national leaders and workers.



The Cost of Discipleship in Southeast Asia

By Joyce Butron

Foursquare missionaries and local believers are bringing unreached people to Jesus, even when it lands them in jail, shares Joyce Butron, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) area missionary to Southeast Asia.



Kazakhstan: Ready to Reach Neighboring Nations

By Rod Light

A strategically positioned nation, Kazakhstan is equipping workers to make a spiritual impact that spans regions. Foursquare Kazakhstan has established a ministry training center in the city of Almaty, where workers from neighboring nations can be trained to take the gospel to the unreached where they live.



Myanmar: The Gospel in the Golden Triangle

By Andy Butcher

Foursquare believers in Myanmar are seeing God touch lives even in the face of persecution. Even though resistance to the gospel in the region is a constant challenge, believers have faith that the Holy Spirit will break down spiritual strongholds.



Welcoming Refugees Worldwide

By Ally Siwajian

Discover how The Foursquare Church is on the frontlines of refugee care around the world, from the Middle East to Europe and even the United States. Learn how you can get involved with the Foursquare Refugee Care Network.


Foursquare News

Jim Scott Appointed FMI Area Missionary to North America

By Andy Butcher

The Foursquare Church has appointed Jim Scott to serve as Foursquare Missions International’s (FMI) area missionary to North America. In his new role as one of 11 area missionaries responsible for overseeing and coordinating FMI efforts in different regions of the world, Jim will be working with leaders in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

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