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Leaders Discuss Future of Foursquare Worldwide at Global Summit

By Rod Light

The mission of The Foursquare Church around the world was the focus of the Foursquare Global Summit in Phoenix, held June 1–3 following Connection 2012. Foursquare national leaders from 65 countries joined with U.S. leaders and invited guests to identify components of effective worldwide evangelism and church development.



Area Report: Southeast Asia

By Amy Swanson

Even in the midst of daunting challenges and, in some cases, persecution, The Foursquare Church is growing rapidly throughout Southeast Asia. In 2010, there were a total of 207,000 decisions made for Christ, 41,600 water baptisms and 26,400 Holy Spirit baptisms.



Area Report: South Pacific

By Bill Shepson

The Foursquare Church has more than 21,000 churches and meeting places throughout the South Pacific region, making it the largest Foursquare region in the world, both geographically and numerically. In the past year, 762,935 people made first-time decisions to follow Christ. And totaling Foursquare members and adherents in the region reveals an astounding number: 2.3 million.


Central Office Updates

FMI Faith Pledge Update: Partnering to Reach People for Christ

By James C. Scott Jr.

During Foursquare Connection 2011 in Columbus, Ohio, Foursquare pastors and leaders received an offering for Foursquare Missions International (FMI) to further the global ministry of The Foursquare Church. FMI Director Jim Scott sees this gift as evidence of trust and partnership between churches and missionaries to reach the world for Christ.



Area Report: Europe

By Bill Shepson

Europe is often called a post-Christian region, one with daunting spiritual challenges. Even so, Foursquare has hundreds of churches here, and in 2010, more than 3,000 people came to Christ. Jeff and Debbie Roper, Foursquare Missions International’s (FMI) area missionaries to Europe, believe that the best is yet to come.



Latest Style or Lasting Strategy?

By Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D.

Foursquare’s Four-Stage Development Model is a highly functional and strategic framework for helping churches—regardless of size or style—do what Jesus wants them to do. It identifies the common landmarks that local churches pass on their way to maturity, and provides practical definitions for the various elements that enable a church to function well throughout its development.