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Foursquare Legacy

Walking in the Power of God’s Healing

By Myron Corser

When Myron Corser was a child, his heart suddenly stopped beating. But after the prayer of an elder from Angelus Temple, he was miraculously healed. As a young man he attended L.I.F.E. Bible College, and became a Foursquare pastor who would go on to minister God’s healing touch to many others throughout five decades of ministry service.


Foursquare Legacy

A Five-Generation Foursquare Heritage

By Robert Rufener Sr.

Ordained Foursquare Minister Robert Rufener Sr. recalls a lifetime of Foursquare service that began when his parents rode a streetcar in Los Angeles to attend services at Angelus Temple and hear Aimee Semple McPherson preach. Five generations of the Rufener family, he says, have served the Lord in Foursquare ministry.


Foursquare Legacy

From Shy Girl to Powerful Preacher: Myrtle Eppler

By Myrtle Eppler

When she was a child, Myrtle Eppler was afraid to stand in front of her class at school. But God turned her into a bold preacher who served Him for over 100 years. She shared her inspiring story in this article written after her 100th birthday in 2015, before going to be with the Lord in March 2016.


Foursquare Legacy

My Healing As a Teen Led to a Lifetime of Ministry: Jean Darnall

By Jean Darnall

When she was 16, Jean Darnall was close to dying from kidney infection. But when a Foursquare pastor prayed for her, she was instantly healed. Today, in her 90s, she looks back at a lifetime of Foursquare service that has included ministry in the U.S. and also in Panama, Australia, New Guinea, England and throughout the United Kingdom.


Foursquare Legacy

Mary Lou Canata: No Regrets

By Mary Lou Canata

At 83, Mary Lou Canata recalls a lifetime of God’s faithfulness through personal challenges, adventurous experiences and celebrated ministry success. Renowned for her ministry of training children’s workers, she believes God has a plan for every person and encourages Foursquare ministers to remember the importance of children to the heart of God.


Foursquare Legacy

The Powerful Legacy of a Miracle

By Coleman Phillips

Doctors told Coleman Phillips’ grandmother she had six months to live. But during a service at Angelus Temple, Aimee Semple McPherson spoke a word of healing, and she lived another 50 years, powerfully impacting the future of her family. Coleman later gave his heart to Christ, and served many years as an ordained Foursquare minister.


Foursquare News

Day 3 – Connection 2013 Looks to Future in Multi-Generational Service

By Andy Butcher

In a multi-generational closing service that featured inspirational worship and communion, Foursquare leaders looked with excitement to the future while highlighting ways churches across the country are reaching their communities in innovative ways. Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. announced that next year’s convention, Connection 2014, would be held in Dallas.


Foursquare Legacy

From the Eyes of a Child

By Sarshel Culton Jr.

Aimee Semple McPherson, Foursquare’s founder, stayed in Sarshel Culton Jr.’s home during a revival campaign in Sacramento, Calif. He recalls her elegance and humility, and how kind she was to him as a young boy. His mother, Bernice, drove Sister Aimee from their ranch home in the town of Winters to downtown Sacramento for the revival services.


Foursquare Legacy

My Memories of Music at Angelus Temple

By Johann Biro

As a child, Johann Biro often took center stage at Angelus Temple, singing in Aimee Semple McPherson’s illustrated sermon productions and children’s programs. She sang with the great Audrey Meier as a teen, and nearly became a professional singer when a vocal coach gave her an opportunity to sing at the Hollywood Bowl.



2012 Foursquare Year in Review

By Bill Shepson

As we take a look back at 2012, we are excited to see how the Five Targets are being lived out by Foursquare leaders and church members across the U.S. and around the world. The stories we published this past year are cause for celebration. Here’s how The Foursquare Church is supporting leaders; growing healthy, multiplying churches; reaching nations; diversifying leaders; and resourcing ministries.

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