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When Panic Attacks

By Basil Osuji

Turbulence, fear, tension and uncertainty seem to be part of our everyday life in today’s world. How can we best handle when panic hits and doubt sets in? Foursquare Pastor Basil Osuji recalls the comforting scriptures that remind us that God is always in control.



Have a Fearless Day

By Ron Pinkston

Central Pacific District Supervisor Ron Pinkston has faced the greatest human fear—that of death itself—and reminds us this week that there is nothing to be afraid of.



Fear or Fruitfulness

By Jonathan Hall

It was fear! In a conversation last week, after my mind and words went in the same negative direction for the third time, Pastor Jack Hayford identified it, and asked what was causing the reaction.



Living in the Truth

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Living in the moment often leaves us empty-handed, lonely, fearful and frustrated. Living in the truth gives us a hope that exceeds understanding and a healthy perspective of trust in a future yet unseen.