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Disaster Relief

How Project Nourish Is Saving Lives in Africa Starvation Crisis

By Ken Walker

Through Project Nourish, Foursquare Disaster Relief has touched countless lives, feeding people regularly. Every week, people have been giving their lives to Christ since Foursquare churches in northern Uganda started assisting the refugees. There’s much to celebrate, but still much to be done to save lives.



How One Local Church Is Saving Lives in Africa Through Project Nourish

By Rachel Chimits

The Bridge, a Foursquare church in Southern California pastored by Ryan and Johanna Oddo, is partnering with Project Nourish and Foursquare Disaster Relief to address the dire need in the East Africa famine crisis—and giving kids great ways to get involved in their summer VBS program.


Central Office Updates

Help Our Brothers and Sisters in East Africa Starvation Crisis

By Glenn Burris Jr.

It is time for intervention from the Christian community around the world to help the 20 million people starving to death in East Africa, says Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr., urging the Foursquare family to partner with Project Nourish to bring immediate aid to famine victims before it’s too late.


Disaster Relief

Urgent Help Needed As Millions Face Starvation in East Africa

By Andy Butcher

The 20 million people currently on the brink of starvation across East Africa include thousands who have come to faith through Foursquare’s ministry in South Sudan. Foursquare Disaster Relief is urging church leaders to raise awareness of the crisis and respond with prayer and financial aid.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Responds to Unrest in Mali

By Dan L.

When a coup d’état occurred in Mali in March, thousands fled their homes to escape the violence. The Foursquare Church is currently completing the first floor of a 4,000-square-foot health center in Bamako to help those who are starving and in need of medical care—a project unlike anything the citizens in that area have ever seen before.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Responds to East Africa Famine Crisis

By The Foursquare Church

East Africa is suffering its worst drought in 60 years, and millions are at risk of starvation and disease. Famine has been declared in Somalia and threatens to spread if nothing is done to prevent it. In partnership with Foursquare leaders in Kenya, Foursquare Relief and Compassion is responding by raising awareness and support to reach those in desperate need of help.