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Chasing My Olympic Dream: Josh Prenot

By Josh Prenot

Josh Prenot from Lompoc Foursquare Church in Lompoc, Calif., competed in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for swimming this past summer, breaking a record in his age group. Even though he didn’t make the 2012 Olympic team, it was still a dream come true, and he’s striving toward becoming an Olympian in 2016. The support of his church, he says, has been invaluable.


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The Road to Freedom: Dan and Leigh Allen

By Leigh Allen

Dan Allen, a member with his wife, Leigh, of Chapel of Praise in Peru, Ind., was once a functioning alcoholic. The years of heavy drinking took their toll, propelling Dan toward what seemed a certain death in 2011. But God healed him, and now he and Leigh have a powerful message to share with others: God can heal you and set you free.



Missionary Spotlight: Garry and Brenda Kean

By Ashley Wolpert Miller

Over 3.3 million people live in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and one of the most populous cities in Africa. Despite the challenges of living there, which include poverty and high crime rates, Foursquare Missionaries Garry and Brenda Kean are making inroads for the gospel. They planted New Song Nairobi and have a vision to reach the entire nation.



A Place Where Lives Are Changed

By John Cox

Through Foursquare maintaining amazing camping facilities, organizing retreats, and facilitating camps and getaways, room is made for thousands of people to encounter God. John Cox, NextGen coordinator for the Pacific Coast and Valleys District, recalls many instances of lives being changed at camp and explains how important it is for these to be remembered.



Those Dreaded Holidays

By Louie D. Locke

Louie D. Locke, co-pastor with his wife, Joni, of Hillside, a Foursquare church in Reno, Nevada, speaks candidly about how he used to totally dread the Thanksgiving holiday. To him, it was more overwhelming than heartwarming. But then a young woman named Julia, a guest from Germany, entered his family’s home, and everything changed.



Reaching a New Generation (Part 3): Creating an Alternative to Culture

By Amy Swanson

In the conclusion of our three-part series, Foursquare NextGen leaders discuss how parents and pastors can work together to create an environment for young people where they will feel safe and can explore their relationship with God.



Reaching a New Generation (Part 2): New Paradigms for NextGen Ministry

By Amy Swanson

Studies show that teens are rejecting the church in droves. How can we turn this around before we lose the next generation? By approaching youth ministry with a new paradigm that is more holistic, say Foursquare NextGen leaders. As author Reggie Joiner notes, if we want to “experience a different outcome, we need to embrace a different strategy.”



Reaching a New Generation (Part 1): The Challenge

By Amy Swanson

The latest research reveals that most young people today are resistant to the church. It’s a disturbing trend, but Foursquare churches across the nation are tackling the issue head-on. It’s not too late, say Foursquare’s NextGen leaders, to develop a successful ministry that effectively reaches the “cradle to college” crowd.



Acts 1: Make the Most of Table Talk

By Tammy Dunahoo

Jesus often shared transforming truth with his disciples during meals together. Foursquare Vice President and General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo reminds us how easy it is for deep conversation to happen between friends and family over a meal. She encourages us to make the most of meals and to share more than just food—we should share the life of Jesus, too.


We Are Foursquare

A Great Place to Serve: Vin and Kesha Thomas

By Vin Thomas

Vin and Kesha Thomas are members of West Salem Foursquare Church in Oregon. They discovered how supportive their church is when they were vacationing in Hawaii during the tsunami in March. They enjoy the church’s blend of ages, cultures and lifestyles, and have been able to get involved in worship ministry, creative arts, the nursery and with young adults.

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