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The Road to Freedom: Dan and Leigh Allen

By Leigh Allen

Dan Allen, a member with his wife, Leigh, of Chapel of Praise in Peru, Ind., was once a functioning alcoholic. The years of heavy drinking took their toll, propelling Dan toward what seemed a certain death in 2011. But God healed him, and now he and Leigh have a powerful message to share with others: God can heal you and set you free.



Miracle in the South Pacific

By Jerry Stott

Area Missionary Jerry Stott shares the remarkable story of a Foursquare pastor serving in the island nation of Kiribati who prayed for a miracle and saw God answer in a way that astounded the community and opened doors to the gospel to be shared across the island.



Driving With a Divine Appointment

By J. Alan McCay

Bi-vocational pastor and trucker J. Alan McCay shares a personal story illustrating what can happen when you hear God’s voice and obey it—even if the timing goes against your schedule and seems completely inconvenient. He was driving his truck when the Lord prompted him to follow another driver and talk to him. What happened next was amazing.


Your Questions

Broke and Scared: Is God Ever Going to Show Up for Me?

By Greg Dueker

What do you do when it seems like God hasn’t been paying attention to what you’re going through? One faithful believer asks that question, following an intensely difficult year where the economy personally tanked his income. So far, God hasn’t come through for him, or so it seems. Where is He? Greg Dueker, an ordained Foursquare minister, addresses this tough issue with grace and practicality.



Why Wouldn’t I?

By Lynn Cooper

Lynn Cooper, a Foursquare children’s pastor at Life (Decatur Foursquare Church) in Illinois, recounts the night she witnessed the pure faith of a child like never before. It’s the kind of faith, she says, that can move mountains, heal the sick, and love this world, and she prays for that kind of faith every day.



Surviving Change and Finding Hope

By Glenn Burris Jr.

We aren’t the only ones who feel like we are fighting for survival. President Glenn Burris Jr. takes a look at how the early church survived the trials of their day—and how we can face whatever life throws at us with confidence and hope.



Miracle Stories: A Revival in Brazil (Part 3)

By Dr. Paul Risser

In part three of a three-part series adapted from his new book, “An Eye for Miracles,” published by Foursquare Media, Paul Risser recounts the ministry of Harold and Mary Williams, the first Foursquare missionaries to Brazil.



Miracle Stories: Physical Healing and Angelic Intervention (Part 2)

By Dr. Paul Risser

In part two of a three-part series adapted from his new book, “An Eye for Miracles,” published by Foursquare Media, Paul Risser shares the story of Peter Hosein, whose unique salvation and spiritual experiences illustrate the unlimited power of God to change lives.


Foursquare News

More Than 1 in 4 Americans Change Faiths, Study Reveals

By Bill Shepson

According to a new multi-year study by The Barna Group released in August, 26 percent of Americans have departed from the spiritual views of their childhood—and most people who change faiths do so by around age 22. For those who left Christianity, “feeling disillusioned with church and religion” was a top reason.



Courage to Stand

By Alex Pacheco

Hawaii District Supervisor Alex Pacheco says that “Iesu Kuu pai laka mana wahi apau,” and that when we know the meaning of these words, we can stand strong for the Lord.

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