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Messengers of the Lord

By Luis Milian

As messengers of the Lord, we experience different seasons and stages in our church experience, and we must remain rooted in the integrity of God’s message, rather than flashy technology, multiple campuses or prosperity, in order to spread the gospel message, shares Ordained Minister Luis Milian.



Mission Accomplished

By Hugo Pera Nuñez

Jesus’ life left us a perfect example because He finished all the Father placed in His hands to do. Likewise, we are alive to fulfill everything God places under our responsibility, shares Hugo Pera Nuñez, president of The Foursquare Church in Paraguay.



Messengers of Hope

By Humberto Paz

We are messengers of hope, spreading the seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot force those seeds to take root and bear fruit—only following God’s direction and divine leading can accomplish that, shares Foursquare Missions International Area Missionary Humberto Paz.



Victory and Restoration

By Pablo Peña

As we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in our communities, we must first experience victory and restoration in our own hearts. It’s not something we can accomplish ourselves, but only through Christ, shares Pablo Peña, president of The Foursquare Church in El Salvador.



The Invisible God

By Juan Muzquiz

When we are obedient and allow the “Invisible God” to lead us, He always provides His answer to our prayers and may even work miracles, shares Ordained Minister Juan Muzquiz, national president of The Foursquare Church in Mexico.



The Optimal Place

By Mario Barahona

While it’s easy to stay comfortable when our ministry is in a good place, as leaders we must resist that temptation and instead press on to the optimal place, where we lead with authority and power, shares Angelus Temple Hispanic Foursquare Church Senior Pastor Mario Barahona.



Cher Ami: What Can We Learn From a Pigeon?

By Ilya Carrera

Inspiration for carrying out the Great Commission can sometimes come from unlikely sources, shares Ilya Carrera, senior pastor of Centro Cristiano Betania in Panama City, Panama. God can use even the smallest of creatures to send us a message of faith and perseverance.



Making Prayer a Priority

By Eduardo Bogéa

Seeking God “in the secret place” should be our priority as believers, shares Ordained Minister Eduardo Bogéa. He provides a bevy of examples from Scripture of those who prayed with passion, to encourage leaders to continually stoke that connection with Almighty God with fervent prayer.


We Are Foursquare

Why I Want to Bring My Church Under Foursquare

By Rachel Chimits

Bruce Grecco, a Foursquare-ordained minister of a nondenominational church in San Diego, Calif., shares why he connected his congregation with the Foursquare family, and why he wants to stay connected.



The Promise of His Return

By Raymundo Diaz

How blessed are we, as children of God, that the Lord always fulfills His promises to us? Ordained Minister Raymundo Diaz presents a comforting picture of God’s long-suffering patience with us, and His imminent return.

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