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The Optimal Place

By Mario Barahona

While it’s easy to stay comfortable when our ministry is in a good place, as leaders we must resist that temptation and instead press on to the optimal place, where we lead with authority and power, shares Angelus Temple Hispanic Foursquare Church Senior Pastor Mario Barahona.



Cher Ami: What Can We Learn From a Pigeon?

By Ilya Carrera

Inspiration for carrying out the Great Commission can sometimes come from unlikely sources, shares Ilya Carrera, senior pastor of Centro Cristiano Betania in Panama City, Panama. God can use even the smallest of creatures to send us a message of faith and perseverance.


Foursquare News

Fernando Castillo Jr. to Supervise Southwest/Hawaii District

By Andy Butcher

The Foursquare Church has announced that Fernando Castillo Jr. has been chosen as district supervisor for a new soon-to-be-named Foursquare district being created by bringing together the Hawaii District, where he has been district supervisor since 2013, and the Southwest District.



Reflecting on Your Legacy

By Tammy Dunahoo

In light of National Clergy Appreciation Month, annually observed in October, General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo challenges local pastors to think about how they will be remembered and appreciated. She encourages leaders to ask themselves: “Am I being honest with God, myself and others? Am I being who He created me to be?”


Leadership Profiles

Bringing Cultures Together: Estuardo Cambranes

By Andy Butcher

Estuardo Cambranes, senior pastor of Living Waters (Smithfield Foursquare Church) in Smithfield, R.I., has successfully brought together two churches—one English-speaking, one Spanish-speaking—and is finding the joy of seeing people from different ethnic groups become one in Christ as they serve the Lord together.


Foursquare News

Southeast, North Pacific District Supervisors Announced

By Marcia Graham

The Foursquare Church has just announced two new district supervisor appointments, beginning May 1, 2015. Bill Gross will be supervisor of the Southeast District, and Gabe Barreiro will be supervisor of the North Pacific District. Both leaders have strong backgrounds in local Foursquare ministry, and are actively involved in sending church planters and developing other leaders.


Central Office Updates

Up-to-Date Information on the Five Stakes

By Foursquare

President Glenn Burris Jr. updates Foursquare ministers with the latest information on progress related to Foursquare’s Reimagine process and the Five Stakes, in this January report.



Cultivating and Building Unity

By Daniel Prieto

Valuing diversity in our ministry teams means that we unite spiritually as brothers and sisters in Christ, loving and respecting one another, shares Foursquare National Hispanic Missional Coach Daniel Prieto. We will always be different, but we can love, respect and value one another, which will empower all of us to be and do our best.


Foursquare News

Juan M. Vallejo Appointed Supervisor of New Hispanic District

By Foursquare

Juan M. Vallejo, a longtime Foursquare pastor and former missionary, has been appointed to serve as district supervisor of the new Distrito Hispano del Suroeste (Southwestern Hispanic District). The new district, the official name of which is still to be chosen, comes into effect Jan. 1, 2015. Juan will be installed in his new role at the Southwest Region Hispanic Conference to be held Oct. 24–25 in Van Nuys, Calif.



Four Vital Habits of the Healthy Leader

By Dr. Marcel Pontón

What facilitates the success and longevity of a leader in ministry? With experience in psychology and ministry, Dr. Marcel Pontón answers this crucial question. Maintaining health on a variety of levels is key, says Dr. Pontón, who is an associate clinical professor from the University of California Department of Psychiatry in Los Angeles.

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