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The Unexpected Witness

By Tammy Dunahoo

Foursquare General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo knows there is a special reason Jesus chose Mary Magdalene to be the first to see Him after His resurrection. His love continually reaches down to us, empowering us to go and tell, shares Tammy.


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Foursquare Easter Outreaches Impact Communities Across the Country

By Shannon Linton

Foursquare churches responding to our exclusive nationwide survey reported many lives changed as they came together to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Whether it was through services held in church sanctuaries or outreaches that were conducted in local neighborhoods, scores of people responded to the love of Christ that was shared and opened their hearts to Him.


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Many Reached by Foursquare Churches This Easter

By Marcia Graham

We asked Foursquare pastors across the U.S. to share how their congregations celebrated Easter and what they did to reach out to their communities. Here are some inspiring highlights and a collection of photos from Easter weekend 2014.


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Foursquare Churches Serve Communities This Easter

By Allyson Siwajian

Scores of people made first-time decisions for Christ this Easter as Foursquare churches nationwide shared the gospel and engaged their local communities with compassionate care. The 80 church leaders who took part in our exclusive post-holiday survey shared stories of their Easter outreaches and reported a total of 2,453 decisions to receive Jesus Christ.


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Foursquare Easter Services Result in Thousands Saved

By Bill Shepson

Through outreaches both traditional and innovative, 70 Foursquare churches that participated in a post-Easter survey reported a total of 2,913 first-time decisions for Christ on Easter weekend. Additionally, 1,565 people rededicated their lives to Christ, 286 were baptized in water, and 44 were baptized with the Holy Spirit.


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Art as Worship: Tory Foster

By Tory Foster

During a powerful worship art performance at Foursquare Connection 2011, teenager Tory Foster beautifully executed a dramatic painting of Jesus’ face while a worship song played. The audience was moved to tears. Tory says that the painting was her way of saying: “Thank You. I see, Jesus, what You did. I feel it.”


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Missing the Point of Easter?

By Bill Shepson

Most believers won't be inviting non-Christian friends to Easter services this year, according to a new Barna report. We asked a sampling of Foursquare pastors what they thought about the subject, and how they view Easter weekend in their congregations.



Early Easter

By Glenn Burris Jr.

The earliest Easter in 80 years is an opportunity to contend for an Easter like we’ve never experienced before.



When Jesus Threw a Punch

By Glenn Burris Jr.

A true story about an Easter-season outreach where an actor playing Jesus acts very un-Jesus like reminds us that plans can go so very awry.


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Foursquare Celebrates Easter Story in the Midst of Controversy

By The Foursquare Church

Foursquare leaders are coming out against the claim that Jesus' bones have been found in an ossuary under an apartment complex in Talpiot, Jerusalem.

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