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Tired of the Status Quo

By Ric Guerra

When we evangelize, we can sometimes focus on making converts rather than disciples, shares Ordained Foursquare Minister Ric Guerra. A true discipleship focus will give rise to a new generation of believers who will challenge the status quo and make a stand for righteousness.



The Call to Be His

By Ashley Thompson

Discipleship is more than just doing and serving, shares Ashley Thompson, Foursquare credentialed minister and receptionist for the National Church Office and Foursquare Missions International. It’s easy to get so bogged down in the everyday grind that we forget that the call to discipleship is, first of all, a call to being His.



A Closer Look at the Disciples

By Michael Howard

Sometimes we get entangled in day-to-day tasks of ministry and forget that our focus must be on people. Our work is to go and make disciples. If we really love Jesus, says Foursquare Credentialed Minister Michael Howard, we will tend His sheep.



The Call to Make Disciples

By Judy Thigpenn

The second chapter of Judges speaks of an entire generation that did not know the Lord or His work. Foursquare Credentialed Minister Judy Thigpenn shares that making disciples is a generational tradition and duty that we must uphold, or else we risk disobeying the Great Commission.



Discipleship in the Digital Age

By Bob Penberthy

Foursquare Pastor Bob Penberthy considers himself a “tech junkie,” but he offers up an important question: Is the digital age really helping us connect? He suggests that Christ’s example with the 12 disciples may help us understand more about connecting in a tech-driven culture.



Bring the Light of Truth

By Aaron Bull

Light exposes the darkness around us. How can we expect to shine the light that leads others to true discipleship when our lives reflect areas of darkness?



How to Get Your Congregation to Read God’s Word

By Dave Barr

Foursquare Pastor Dave Barr was bummed when he found out only 20 percent of his church was reading the Bible regularly. So he and his leadership team embarked on a mission to change that, and came up with a practical strategy—and numbers of people reading the Bible dramatically increased. The tips he shares here are reproducible by churches of any size.



Following Christ Through the Unexpected

By Mike Larkin

When our cars are out of alignment, we are pulled to the left or the right. When our backs are out of alignment, we tend to walk with a limp, awkwardly leaning with pain. When our thinking is off or our identity is in question, we need Jesus to intersect our lives—to come alongside and walk with us, says Ignite President Mike Larkin. And that’s what true discipleship is all about.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Initiative to Provide Resources for Global Leaders

By Andy Butcher

Many pastors in countries throughout the world can’t afford to buy foundational training materials from which to learn and teach core Foursquare doctrine, leaving them in a vacuum of basic biblical knowledge. But a new initiative—Foursquare Resources for Global Leaders—is striving to change that by providing easily accessible and affordable materials to leaders who need them.


Your Questions

My Friend Is Off-Track

By Dennis Easter

I have a friend who knows the Lord but is not living according to biblical standards. Without coming across as legalistically “holier than thou,” what can I say or do? Or is it best to mind my own business?

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