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Leadership Profiles

Ministry in the Village: Bill Dahlquist

By Bill Shepson

For more than 13 years, Foursquare Pastor Bill Dahlquist and his wife, Eileen, have served in the small town of Blue Diamond, called The Village by residents, 25 miles into the desert southwest of Las Vegas. Ministry in a small town has its challenges, but Bill has seen lives change as the congregation has built bridges to the surrounding community.



Who Are Muslims (Part 2): The Power of Love

By Ken Walker

As one former Muslim turned Foursquare pastor explains, sharing the gospel with Muslims requires demonstrating love in word and deed, understanding cultural differences, and taking time to form authentic relationships. Part 2 of our exclusive two-part feature series



Who Are Muslims (Part 1): Dispelling the Fear

By Ken Walker

The Muslim population in the U.S. is growing, which worries some in our post-9/11 world. But Foursquare leaders say many of our fears are unfounded, and that we have a great opportunity for evangelism. In part one of this two-part series, we look at the facts and talk with Foursquare pastors who regularly minister to Muslims.



Outside Perspective: Growing a Healthy Church

By Mike Goldsworthy

Mike Goldsworthy, lead pastor of Parkcrest Christian Church, a non-denominational congregation with three campuses in the Long Beach, Calif., area, is one of the youngest megachurch pastors in the U.S. He offers a thought-provoking outside perspective on how Foursquare leaders can grow sustainable, healthy churches in an age where only 40 percent of people attend church regularly.


Central Office Updates

Finding Our Voice

By Glenn Burris Jr.

The loss of the church’s influence in society is distressing. As the church has decreased in influence, sin, sickness, shame and solitude have increased. But a church that is resilient and resolved to stand its ground and take back what has been lost can counter the strongest onslaughts of the enemy, says Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr.



Welcoming the Stranger (Part 3): Spiritual Blessings

By Ken Walker

We often think of immigrants as the ones needing help from us. In reality, though, the people coming to our shores have a lot to offer us, as well. Many Foursquare leaders say there is much we can learn from the cultures in our midst.



Welcoming the Stranger (Part 2): Cultural Differences

By Ken Walker

Difficulties can arise when cultures clash, even in the church. With America’s increasing blend of nationalities, how may believers best reach and work with people from different backgrounds? Several Foursquare pastors with ministries encompassing various ethnic groups share insights gained from their own experience.


Foursquare News

Infographic: Back to School

By The Foursquare Church

Here’s a fascinating look at education in the United States, including how much school costs, how many schools and teachers there are, and the history of Foursquare’s educational involvement.



Reaching a New Generation (Part 3): Creating an Alternative to Culture

By Amy Swanson

In the conclusion of our three-part series, Foursquare NextGen leaders discuss how parents and pastors can work together to create an environment for young people where they will feel safe and can explore their relationship with God.



Reaching a New Generation (Part 2): New Paradigms for NextGen Ministry

By Amy Swanson

Studies show that teens are rejecting the church in droves. How can we turn this around before we lose the next generation? By approaching youth ministry with a new paradigm that is more holistic, say Foursquare NextGen leaders. As author Reggie Joiner notes, if we want to “experience a different outcome, we need to embrace a different strategy.”

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