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Central Office Updates

Engage Your World and Bring Light to the Darkness

By Glenn Burris Jr.

We need to be engaged, equipped and empowered by the Word and the Spirit to change the world around us, shares President Glenn Burris Jr. One could despair, or one could view the times we live in as the greatest opportunity the church has seen to bring light into the darkness.



Creating a Globally Minded Catalytic Culture

By Ted Vail

How can your church create a globally catalytic culture that reaches far beyond your walls, neighborhood and even country? Foursquare Missions International Director Ted Vail shares practical ideas for creating a culture in your church that will reach the world.



Empowering Leadership: Global Distinctives

By Mike Kai

Mike Kai reveals what it takes to create an environment of empowering leadership, in Part 3 of our Global Distinctives feature series. The Global Distinctives, agreed on by nearly 240 leaders at the 2012 Global Summit, are six unifying principles that bind our whole Foursquare family in doctrine and culture.



10 Tips for Successful Ethnic and Immigrant Ministry

By Ted Vail

Ministry to the diverse people groups in the U.S. doesn’t just happen. We have to be intentional about it. Our local Foursquare churches have unprecedented opportunities to impact the world with the gospel, right from our very doorsteps. Here are 10 tips for successfully ministering among the ethnic and immigrant groups in your own neighborhood.


We Are Foursquare

Showing God’s Love to the LGBT Community: Stephanie Singer

By Stephanie Singer

Foursquare church member Stephanie Singer, from a Foursquare church in Southern California, had found acceptance in the LGBT community. But the church loved her anyway, and she later found freedom and restoration in Christ. Now she challenges church leaders with ways to love the LGBT community into wholeness and relationship with God.



Lessons Learned by Living Abroad

By Andy Butcher

Christians in the United States can learn a lot from people in other nations, as these members of the Foursquare family discovered by living overseas. Here are a few of the key lessons they came away with—lessons that have impacted how they view life and ministry.


Foursquare News

It’s an Exciting New Season for Foursquare Hispanic Ministries

By Ashley Miller

Target Two of Foursquare’s Five Target plan is growing healthy, multiplying churches. The Foursquare Church is making moves to do just that in the recent appointment of Daniel Prieto to the role of national Hispanic missional coach. An ordained Foursquare minister, Daniel will be leading the charge in resourcing and equipping Hispanic Foursquare churches in the U.S.



Cultures and Generations Unite in Hawaii

By Ally Siwajian

On this inspiring video, Foursquare pastors in Hawaii share how they collaborate to cultivate cross-cultural communities, develop their congregations and involve the next generation in ministry leadership. Hear stories from Hawaii’s pastors as they actively learn from one another, build healthy foundations and pass the baton well to future leaders.



Eric and Jodi Van Rhee Love Mormons

By Marcia Graham

After moving to Draper, Utah, in 1999 as “domestic missionaries,” Eric and Jodi Van Rhee realized you don’t have to embrace Mormonism to love Mormons. Their congregation, The Adventure (Draper Foursquare Church), has since launched six church plants. Learn more about how they reach Mormons on this inspiring video interview recorded at Connection 2012 in Phoenix.



From Corporate America to Skater Church

By Marcia Graham

Retired Microsoft employee-turned-senior-pastor Serena Wastman is making a big difference with the skater crowd of West Seattle. Find out what her church, Journey of Faith (Seattle West Alki Foursquare Church), is doing on this inspiring video interview recorded at Connection 2012 in Phoenix.

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