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D.C. Welcomes Foursquare Connection 2017

By Marcia Graham

Foursquare Connection 2017 brought thousands of attendees from across the nation and around the globe to Washington, D.C., last night, beginning the four-day annual gathering of The Foursquare Church under the theme, “Commissioned by Jesus.”



Jerry Dirmann: Sent to Multiply Diverse Leaders

By Jessica Sherer

Jerry Dirmann is passionate about diversifying leaders and churches to reach a wider variety of audiences who are hungry for the truth. His church, The Rock (Anaheim Foursquare Church) in Southern California, now comprises nine campuses and 12 congregations, four of which are Spanish-speaking, one Vietnamese-speaking, and two led by women.


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Diverse Connection 2015 Speakers Exemplify Being ‘Sent’

By Andy Butcher

Themed “Sent,” Connection 2015 will feature a diverse group of inspirational speakers who illustrate the many different ways God sends His people to reach others who need Him. Early Bird registration for the event runs through the end of February, with Connection 2015 running May 25–28.