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Hope Despite Broken Dreams: Kristen Richburg

By Kristen Richburg

When Kristen Richburg adopted a little girl from Thailand, it seemed to be a dream come true. Soon after, however, the dream turned into a nightmare. Kristen was forced to relinquish her adopted daughter and was thrust into a pit of guilt and grief. Here she candidly shares her story of healing in the face of overwhelming loss.



Living Free From Hurt

By Glenn Burris Jr.

President Glenn Burris Jr. reminds us that the forgiveness of the Lord is available for every person, even leaders. He shares how the Lord brought health to a hurting pastor who previously spent far too many years in pain. Forgiveness is available at the Lord’s table when we are ready to receive it.



First and Ten; Do It Again

By Harriet Mouer

From cheerleader to district supervisor, Harriet Mouer recalls what it really means to stay in the game. Even in the midst of temporary interceptions, we are encouraged to keep running the game plan.

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