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The Power of One Presence: Ed Donnally

By The Foursquare Church

Foursquare Chaplain Ed Donnally says the Lord wants Christians to bring God’s presence to people facing trauma, whether they’re suffering from an international catastrophe or a personal crisis. This compelling video, part of “The Power of One: Story” series produced by The Foursquare Church, motivates believers to take the hope of Christ to others, especially when tragedy strikes.


Leadership Profiles

With Hope and a Smile: Rosalinda P. Vint

By Bill Shepson

Rosalinda P. Vint, assisting minister at LightHouse Church in Newbury Park, Calif., has dedicated her life to helping troubled youth who are transitioning out of foster care or the prison system and desperately need hope and healing. Having been a foster child who suffered much abuse, she founded a non-profit community service organization that reaches at-risk young people.



The Power of One: Mary Bennett

By The Foursquare Church

After graduating from Bible college, Mary Bennett quit her executive job and returned to her poverty-stricken birthplace to minister to children no one else would love. She has spent her life caring for these children as Jesus would. She says God has always provided everything she and the children have needed, just as He promised her 20 years before.


Foursquare News

Indonesian Woman Receives Miracle Heart Surgery

By Ken Walker

Francesca “Chika” Salindeho, a young woman from Indonesia who works with Compassion First to help victims of sex trafficking, recently received a life-saving surgery—miraculously for free. After being contacted by Mike Mercer, a Foursquare credentialed minister and president of Compassion First, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center and one of the most renowned physicians in the U.S. agreed to donate their services.

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