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Central Office Updates

Foursquare Stands With Families, DREAMers

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Our nation is divided on many issues, including immigration and DACA. We should be on the side of mercy and compassion, and we cannot stand silent, says President Glenn Burris Jr., affirming that Foursquare will speak out against injustice and act according to God’s laws.



Compassion Is the Key

By Keith Jenkins

We know that Christ calls us to show compassion to all individuals, but how deep does that calling go? Ordained Minister Keith Jenkins shares about different levels of service Christ exemplified in His mission to reach all people, and how that applies to us.


We Are Foursquare

Showing God’s Love to the LGBT Community: Stephanie Singer

By Stephanie Singer

Foursquare church member Stephanie Singer, from a Foursquare church in Southern California, had found acceptance in the LGBT community. But the church loved her anyway, and she later found freedom and restoration in Christ. Now she challenges church leaders with ways to love the LGBT community into wholeness and relationship with God.


We Are Foursquare

From Field of Dreams to the Dream Center

By Kevin Malone

For 17 years, Kevin Malone’s career was in professional baseball, including being vice president/general manager of the L.A. Dodgers. Now he works full-time at the Dream Center in the heart of Los Angeles—and to him it’s a dream come true. There’s nothing that thrills him more, he says, than helping people in difficult situations and seeing God turn their lives around.


Foursquare News

Leaders Invited to Training That Prepares Them for Crisis Situations

By Rod Light

It’s not the kind of thing we like to think about—but when tragedy strikes, how prepared are we to minister effectively to people in need? Foursquare Chaplains International provides FEMA-approved training for disaster relief and crisis management via Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training. In January, 81 leaders gathered for the first training intensive, and more training events are in the works.



Welcoming the Stranger (Part 4): Practical Ministry

By Ken Walker

Foursquare pastors whose churches are effectively crossing ethnic barriers candidly share what it takes to cross cultural divides and help the people God has called us to reach. It has everything to do, they say, with our perspective toward those who are different from us and our ability to reach out in love and in practical care.



Welcoming the Stranger (Part 3): Spiritual Blessings

By Ken Walker

We often think of immigrants as the ones needing help from us. In reality, though, the people coming to our shores have a lot to offer us, as well. Many Foursquare leaders say there is much we can learn from the cultures in our midst.



Welcoming the Stranger (Part 2): Cultural Differences

By Ken Walker

Difficulties can arise when cultures clash, even in the church. With America’s increasing blend of nationalities, how may believers best reach and work with people from different backgrounds? Several Foursquare pastors with ministries encompassing various ethnic groups share insights gained from their own experience.



Welcoming the Stranger (Part 1): The Church and Immigration

By Ken Walker

In an exclusive four-part series, we examine immigration to the U.S. and the incredible opportunities for evangelism it affords. We’ll cover the controversies involved, and look at Foursquare churches that are effectively reaching out to the diverse groups of people coming to our shores.


Leadership Profiles

No Limits With God: Ryan Haack

By Bill Shepson

Associate Pastor Ryan Haack knows what it means to overcome personal limitations and brokenness—which is why he has devoted his life to helping others find freedom in Christ. He and his wife, Julie, are on the ministry team of The Journey, a Foursquare church in downtown Madison, Wis.

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