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Leadership Profiles

Foursquare Leaders Bring Education Internationally

By Andy Butcher

With a desire to train people for ministry in today’s world, two Foursquare pastors—Pablo Peña and Enrique Zone—are serving the Lord and building His kingdom by working in different educational fields.


We Are Foursquare

Helping College Students Find Christ: Larry DeWerd

By Larry DeWerd

Larry DeWerd is a Foursquare credentialed minister who has been highly honored in the field of medical physics. As a professor, he has mentored countless students and helped them find Jesus Christ. He shares insight on how to reach people outside church walls who are searching for truth.



Reach the World This Thanksgiving

By Foursquare

One of the most effective outreaches your church could ever do this Thanksgiving can be done right from members’ homes, by inviting foreign exchange college students over for a holiday meal. Members from El Monte Valley Community Foursquare Church in Southern California share how being hospitable opens doors for showing the love of Christ.



Leah Payne: Sent to Higher Education

By Andy Butcher

Foursquare pastor’s wife Leah Payne brings the worlds of faith and academia together as serves her church and teaches theology at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. She views her teaching and research as a ministry calling, preparing the next generation of leaders with a balance of the Word and the Spirit.


Foursquare News

Life Pacific College Offers Two New Degree Programs

By The Foursquare Church

Starting this fall, Life Pacific College will be offering two new bachelor’s degree programs: the B.A. in Human Development and Psychology, and the B.A. in Business Administration. These accredited offerings will allow students to pursue an education that will enhance their particular ministry calling, whether in the church or in the marketplace.



Life Pacific College Grads Pursuing God’s Call

By Andy Butcher

When these three graduates of Foursquare’s Life Pacific College finished school, it was only the beginning of realizing the vision of what God was calling them to do. Their inspiring examples illustrate what it means to pursue God’s call, be led by the Holy Spirit, and see how God can use you.



Learning to Love Learning

By Courtney Hall

We’ve all learned something in school at some point, but have we ever truly learned to love learning, whether in our course work or simply in the course of our lives? Courtney Hall, national church education coordinator for The Foursquare Church, examines how learning in the Lord can become a lifetime love.



Following Christ Through the Unexpected

By Mike Larkin

When our cars are out of alignment, we are pulled to the left or the right. When our backs are out of alignment, we tend to walk with a limp, awkwardly leaning with pain. When our thinking is off or our identity is in question, we need Jesus to intersect our lives—to come alongside and walk with us, says Ignite President Mike Larkin. And that’s what true discipleship is all about.


Foursquare News

Jim. J. Adams Appointed President of Life Pacific College

By The Foursquare Church

Ordained Foursquare Minister Jim J. Adams, Ed.D., was chosen by the board of trustees of Life Pacific College to serve as the college’s 10th president, effective July 1. Known for his exceptional collaborative leadership, Jim has a long history of ministry leadership in Foursquare, including having served as LPC’s interim president, vice president, chief operating officer and dean of students.


Foursquare News

Life Pacific College Offers New Degree Concentrations

By Rod Light

Life Pacific College is offering five new degree concentrations from which students may choose as they complete their Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biblical Studies or Transformational Ministry. Academic Dean Michael Salmeier, Ph.D., says these concentrations will help students focus their academic attention on developing knowledge and skills in particular areas of ministry service.

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