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Area Report: Central America

By Bill Shepson

People are coming to Christ in astounding numbers through The Foursquare Church in Central America. In 2010 alone, more than half a million people—616,353—made first-time decisions for Christ. Those baptized in water totaled 43,765. And 41,596 were baptized in the Holy Spirit.


Central Office Updates

The Future Ministry of NCO

By Tammy Dunahoo

The National Church Office (NCO) is focusing on resourcing and encouraging local churches in each stage of the Four-Stage Development Model. Here’s a closer look at the ministry structure of NCO and how we are partnering together to more effectively carry out God’s mission for The Foursquare Church both in the U.S. and around the world.



Four Relationships Every Leader Needs

By Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson

Do you want to be the type of pastor who leads a church that successfully reproduces its ministry? By developing four types of key relationships, you can maximize your congregation’s potential. Pastors Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson give great advice on the topic from this excerpt from their new book, “Exponential.”



Building a Culture of Health and Growth

By Tammy Dunahoo

As the national church realigns, districts are developing teams and conducting strategic planning for effective ministry as we look to the future.



Partnering Together to Build a Missional Church

By Tammy Dunahoo

What does it mean to be “missional”? It’s a word that is being used more often and is something The Foursquare Church takes very seriously. Tammy Dunahoo examines the term a little closer and discusses it’s impact on the Foursquare movement.


Foursquare News

Task Teams Brief

By Jack Hayford

More than 165 Foursquare leaders gathered over a three day period to field information, process in teams, and present reports pertaining to their concerns and hopes for our movement. This brief is the “Cliff Notes” of their work and input.

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