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Going Through Deep Change

By Dennis Easter, D.Min.

Transforming our churches into healthy and effective ministries requires us as leaders to be willing to undergo a process of personal transformation, shares Southern California District Supervisor Dennis Easter, D.Min. Thriving churches don’t happen by accident, he shares—they happen on purpose.



Shaking Tradition to Transform a Community

By Jimmy Stewart

When Tina Spellman became senior pastor of a small Foursquare church in Georgia, it was with the goal of changing from a traditional church to a missional one that would transform the community of Adairsville. Today, the church is a multi-site body of mission-minded disciples who reach well beyond their town.



The Transformational Journey of Journey Church

By Ken Walker

Journey Church (Bakersfield Dayspring Foursquare Church) in Bakersfield, Calif., had dwindled to only a few members, and the building was in shambles, by the time Elias Abdallah became the lead pastor. Today services are packed, and outreach to the community is changing lives, exemplifying well Foursquare’s missional objective of church health and transformation.



Multiplying Churches and Leaders in the Great Plains

By Andy Butcher

Crops aren’t all that’s growing in the Cornhusker State. The Rock, pastored by Tyson Lambertson in Scottsbluff, Neb., has gone from one to three campuses that touch hundreds of people in their rural communities. The pastor shares the principles that helped his church transform and grow.


Foursquare News

Peter Bonanno Appointed District Supervisor

By Foursquare

A longtime Foursquare pastor, Peter Bonanno has been appointed to serve as district supervisor of the soon-to-be consolidated Northeast and Mid-Atlantic districts. His appointment begins Jan. 1, 2015. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, Peter is working on his Master of Arts in strategic leadership at Life Pacific College.


Foursquare News

Districts Consolidate to Form New SoCal District

By Anthony Siwajian

The consolidation of Foursquare districts to form the Southern California District (or SoCal District) is now complete. SoCal District Supervisor Dennis Easter explains that the consolidation creates a “greater ownership of our mission to love and serve the Greater Los Angeles community by benefiting from rural, suburban and urban contexts.”


Foursquare Legacy

The Kind of a Church I Like

By Aimee Semple McPherson

In a 1924 Angelus Temple bulletin, Aimee Semple McPherson presented an article detailing the characteristics of a healthy church dedicated to saving souls and reaching the world for Christ. These foundational values were a key to Foursquare’s rapid growth worldwide.


Foursquare News

Celebrating Reimagine: Foursquare Connection 2014 Highlights

By Andy Butcher

Connection 2014 in Dallas was pivotal for everyone in Foursquare, as the Reimagine process was outlined in more detail. The convention body also voted to ratify President Glenn Burris Jr. to serve a second five-year term. These highlights from the week are cause for celebration for everyone in the Foursquare family, not just the 3,000-plus people who attended.


Foursquare News

Day 1: Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas Begins

By Andy Butcher

Foursquare leaders from across the country and around the world gathered in Dallas for the movement’s annual convention under the theme “Multiply.” This year’s gathering, being held May 26–29, is pivotal to the Reimagine Foursquare process as the denomination positions itself for a season of unprecedented fruitfulness.



A Living Dog Is Better Than a Dead Lion

By Sam Rockwell

Competitive, solitary leadership is weak leadership. Gateway District Supervisor Sam Rockwell contrasts the leadership style of wild dog packs and lion prides to show why discipleship and the sharing of power grow the strongest churches.

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