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Missionary Spotlight: Jacque Antoine

By Amy Swanson

Jacque Antoine was born in a small village in Grenada, and as child knew God was calling her to missions. After higher education in the U.S., she returned to her homeland. She serves as a Foursquare missionary and church planter on the beautiful island, especially ministering in rural areas where villages are steeped in poverty.


Central Office Updates

Connection 2011 Offering Phase One Allocations Announced

By James C. Scott Jr.

From North Asia to Francophone Africa, and from Europe to North America, new Foursquare ministries will be taking root in part because of the faithful giving of The U.S. Foursquare Church. Phase one allocations, which have just been announced, account for one-third of the total Connection 2011 offering. These funds are already impacting the mission field.



Area Report: Caribbean

By Bill Shepson

The Caribbean consists of more than 7,000 islands and a population of 38 million people with a vast mix of religious beliefs. The spiritual need here is great. But God is using The Foursquare Church in powerful ways, as evidenced by 2,925 decisions for Christ in 2009 alone.



Miracle Stories: Physical Healing and Angelic Intervention (Part 2)

By Dr. Paul Risser

In part two of a three-part series adapted from his new book, “An Eye for Miracles,” published by Foursquare Media, Paul Risser shares the story of Peter Hosein, whose unique salvation and spiritual experiences illustrate the unlimited power of God to change lives.