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Three Leaders Healed at Foursquare Connection 2013

By Andy Butcher

When they arrived in Florida for this year’s convention at the end of May, three Foursquare leaders had a miraculous surprise in store—instantaneous healing from ongoing physical ailments following a prophetic word on opening night given by Leslie Keegel, national leader for Foursquare Sri Lanka.



Area Report: North America

By Bill Shepson

Throughout Mexico and Canada in 2010, 1,783 people made decisions for Christ, 881 were baptized in water, and 982 were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Both are Stage 4, missionary-sending nations. Partnership between the U.S., Mexico and Canada is vital for all three nations to maximize their ministries to the many ethnicities represented in each country throughout North America.


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Foursquare Missions International Launches Toronto Challenge

By Andy Butcher

Exciting plans are in the works as the North American focus of FMI’s global strategic cities effort gets underway in the famous Canadian city.