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Elicia Hutchinson: Healed at a Foursquare Camp

By Elicia Hutchinson

Sixteen-year-old Elicia Hutchinson struggled with physical disability since birth, and she struggled with her faith in God, too. But when she was prayed for at a Foursquare camp, everything changed. She was miraculously and instantaneously healed, boosting her faith and causing her to open her heart to Jesus Christ.



Top 11 Things You Need to Know to Get Ready for Summer Camp

By Chris White

Summer is almost here, and it’s one of the best times of the year for reaching young people. Across the country, Foursquare camps will be providing a venue for powerful ministry to youth. Is your church ready? Here are the top 11 things you as a youth leader can do to get ready for summer camp and the fantastic ministry opportunity it offers.



A Place Where Lives Are Changed

By John Cox

Through Foursquare maintaining amazing camping facilities, organizing retreats, and facilitating camps and getaways, room is made for thousands of people to encounter God. John Cox, NextGen coordinator for the Pacific Coast and Valleys District, recalls many instances of lives being changed at camp and explains how important it is for these to be remembered.


Foursquare News

Infographic: An American Summer

By The Foursquare Church

In “Foursquare Leader” magazine’s first infographic, we dive into the costs associated with summer vacations, short-term missions trips, Connection 2011 and more. Also find out how many people are involved in Foursquare camps and missions trips.



Praying for Foursquare Camps in 2011

By Adam Davidson

As 15,000 kids of all ages head off to Foursquare camps this summer, Adam Davidson, director of operations for The Foursquare Church, invites us to pray together for people and results.



Foursquare Plans Exciting Camps in 2011

By Rod Light

Foursquare NextGen representatives from around the U.S. are excited to see what God will do in the lives of the more than 15,000 children, youth and adult campers they will host during the 2011 Foursquare camping season.


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Thousands Attend Foursquare Summer Camps

By Beth Mead

Nearly 15,000 children, youth and young adults from across the U.S. attended one of the 89 Foursquare camps offered this past June, July and August. Over 1,500 made decisions to follow Christ, some 2,000 were baptized with the Holy Spirit, and approximately 1,200 were called into the ministry.


Leadership Profiles

What Happens When God Restores: Ryan Brown

By Bill Shepson

Ryan Brown, once homeless, is the NextGen pastor at New Life (Canby Foursquare Church) in Canby, Ore. He demonstrates what it means to disciple young people and help them discover the wonder of their individual calling from God.


Leadership Profiles

A Heart for Kids: Sandy Loyd

By Bill Shepson

“My greatest joy in serving as the children's pastor is to see kids who have continued to choose to follow the Lord after they reach adulthood,” says Sandy Loyd, a children's pastor in Iowa.


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Foursquare Church to be Featured on FOX News

By The Foursquare Church

Pastor Ed Babcock of the Pottsville, Pa., Foursquare Church is going to be featured on FOX Nightly News broadcast tonight, June 4, 2009, at 7 p.m.

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