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Central Office Updates

Giving a Nameless Child His Future

By Jim Scott

Abandoned in the gutters of Cambodia, a hopeless child, around 3 years old and unable to speak, walk or care for himself, found a family and a future in one of our Foursquare children’s homes. By giving to this year’s FMI Children’s Christmas Offering, we can help many more children in need.


Foursquare News

27 Foursquare Orphanages Flooded in Cambodia

By Ken Walker

Flooding in Cambodia has severely affected most of the nation’s 24 provinces and caused unprecedented destruction, including damage to 27 Foursquare orphan homes housing 1,500 children. Foursquare Disaster Relief is appealing to U.S. churches for a minimum of $35,000 in emergency aid relief, with most likely much more being needed.


Central Office Updates

Local and Global: Mission That Works

By James C. Scott Jr.

While some see missions strategies as exclusively based either in the local church or from a central office, The Foursquare Church is embracing a blending of the two. Foursquare Missions Director Jim Scott explains the shared values and the distinctive ways in which “both/and” works well in taking the gospel around the world.



Everybody Has a Story

By Glenn Burris Jr.

God is writing stories through Foursquare Cambodia, rescuing orphans, caring for widows and bringing gospel transformation to members of the Khmer Rouge regime.



Carrying Bananas

By Jonathan Hall

I offered to carry Miang’s bananas and in the process learned a lesson about our need to help carry one another’s burdens.