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Bi-Vocational Ministry As a Strategy

By Jonathan Griffiths

Alpha Hayward thought his path was in full-time vocational ministry, but the Holy Spirit had other plans. As a bi-vocational pastor, Alpha runs an auto detailing business that provides money as well as flexibility to serve his Portland, Ore., community.


We Are Foursquare

Sent to Business: Chanda Crutcher

By Rachel Chimits

Chanda Crutcher always had heart for older people, even when she was a child. God took that passion in her adult life and turned it into a successful business that helps senior citizens who are disabled and disregarded. The founding director of American Senior Assistance Programs, Inc. (ASAP) advises potential business owners to “ask God to break your heart for what breaks His, and He will build on that foundation.”


We Are Foursquare

Sent to Business: Grace Gonzalez

By Melisa Prieto

Grace Gonzalez, raised a Foursquare pastor’s kid, wanted to be a nurse so she could change people’s lives. Instead, God led her into banking—and she’s discovered that God is using her to change lives there instead. As a branch manager for Wells Fargo, she uses her influence to serve both employees and customers, helping them achieve professional and personal goals.


Foursquare News

Proposed Foursquare Bylaw Changes in 2015

By Foursquare

The Foursquare bylaw committee has posted proposed bylaw changes online for Foursquare ministers to review and offer feedback. Key changes center on churches, personnel and property. Once the board has confirmed the bylaw amendment proposals are ready for final consideration, they will be released to the convention body for voting at Foursquare Connection 2015.


Central Office Updates

Connection 2013: Together Guiding Our Foursquare Family Future

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Conversations crucial to the future of the Foursquare family will be taking place at Connection 2013. President Glenn Burris Jr. shares how credentialed ministers can be prepared in advance of their arrival in Florida for these important discussions and business sessions.


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Tim Clark Named Supervisor of Greater L.A. District

By The Foursquare Church

Following 24 years of faithful service as a youth pastor, senior pastor and church planter, Rev. Tim Clark has been appointed district supervisor of the Greater Los Angeles District, effective Sept. 1. Tim is a strategic thinker and able communicator. His commitment to Spirit-filled ministry and passion for equipping leaders has affected many churches across the nation.


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Foursquare Financial Solutions Approved by Convention Body

By The Foursquare Church

Foursquare Financial Solutions (FFS), a new entity that will provide comprehensive oversight of the denomination’s financial services, was approved at Connection 2011. FFS will manage planned and estate giving, the new FFS loan fund, retirement services, investment services and more.


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Foursquare Lives Within the Tithe in 2010

By The Foursquare Finance Team

The Foursquare board of directors approved the 2010 annual operating plan (AOP) during the fall meeting.