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Foursquare Pastor and Chaplain Helps Translate Updated Bible Version

By Ken Walker

Many find the King James Version of the Bible hard to understand. That’s why a group of scholars, including Rob Noland, a Foursquare pastor and retired Army chaplain, came together to create the upcoming Modern English Version, which will make the Scriptures more accessible to today’s readers.


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The Power of the Spoken Word: Karen Heimbuch

By Karen Heimbuch

Ordained Foursquare Evangelist Karen Heimbuch has traveled across the country and overseas, sharing the gospel in a uniquely profound way: Having memorized the Book of Revelation and setting it to a dramatic musical score, Karen performs live readings of the Scripture that have moved audiences to discover how truly powerful the Word of God is.


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Longtime Dream of Bible Translation Nears Completion

By Andy Butcher

Dick Scott has dedicated much of his life to painstakingly translating the Bible into the Emberá language of the Choco Indians in Panama, after having first learned the language and creating an alphabet for it. Now, after decades, the project is nearing publication and will be celebrated when Dick returns to the country later this year.



The Why Matters

By Louie D. Locke

Foursquare Pastor Louie D. Locke reminds us that our lives are part of a greater story, one which we want to point to the glory and honor of God.