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Take the Fear Out of Holy Spirit Baptism

By Bryan Finley

The fear of “not doing it right” keeps some people away from pursuing the baptism with the Holy Spirit, shares Foursquare Pastor Bryan Finley. As pastors, we can provide opportunities for the Holy Spirit to have freedom, and help people embrace all that God has to offer them.


Foursquare Legacy

The ‘Hollywood Boy Evangelist’

By Walter Wentworth

For more than half a century, Walter Wentworth, a Foursquare pastor and evangelist, preached the gospel and prayed for the sick to be healed. Then his world came crashing down. He was in a tragic car accident and told by doctors that he would never walk unassisted again. Many people would think their days of praying for others’ healing were over. Not Walter.



Luke 9 - 15: The Holy Spirit and Wholeness

By Aura Perez

Foursquare Pastor Aura Perez says our lives will be marked with wisdom when we are filled with the Holy Spirit. His presence will result in the transformation of our families and our communities, and the people in our churches will discover compassion for those around us who do not know God’s love.



Luke 2 - 8: The Promise of the Holy Spirit

By Fred Horner

Fred Horner, a retired Foursquare missionary who serves as Asia coordinator with Foursquare Missions Press, says the promise of the baptism with the Holy Spirit is more than a once-in-a-lifetime experience and that we need to be filled daily. It’s tough to do sometimes, but taking time every day with the Holy Spirit is well worth the effort.



Matthew 25 - Mark 3: Holy Spirit Power, Love and Self-Control

By Corey (Last Name Withheld)

Foursquare Pastor and Area Missionary Corey (last name withheld for security reasons) remembers the day in church when he prayed for a man who was healed and walked away from his wheelchair. He also remembers how angry the man’s family was. Corey was asked to leave that church, but he says it wasn’t the fault of the people there—his own lack of love and self-control in responding to the Holy Spirit led to the rift.



Matthew 4 -10: Commissioned to a Higher Level of Spiritual Engagement

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. says when Christians are baptized with the Holy Spirit, we carry an arsenal of God-inspired resources to bring hope, direction and inspiration to the world. He affirms that the ongoing evidence of the baptism with the Holy Spirit is more important than the day we were first filled.



Reclaiming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Part 3): During Church Meetings

By Jimmy Stewart

In part three of a three-part series, Foursquare pastors and leaders weigh in on practicing the gifts of the Holy Spirit in corporate church gatherings, and discuss the challenges and safeguards of Spirit-led ministry. While their ways of introducing and pastoring the work of the Spirit vary, they agree on one thing: We must be about reclaiming the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our churches.



Reclaiming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Part 2): In Friendships and Groups

By Jimmy Stewart

How are the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life manifesting in your interactions with others? In part two of a three-part series, we learn from fellow Foursquare pastors and ministry leaders how the gifts of the Holy Spirit work one-on-one, in small groups and in personal friendships.



Reclaiming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Part 1): Up Close and Personal

By Jimmy Stewart

In part one of a three-part series, we take a close look at how the gifts of the Holy Spirit are working in the personal lives of Foursquare pastors and their churches. We examine how they model the gifts for their congregations, and why the gifts are so vital in our churches today.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Easter Services Result in Thousands Saved

By Bill Shepson

Through outreaches both traditional and innovative, 70 Foursquare churches that participated in a post-Easter survey reported a total of 2,913 first-time decisions for Christ on Easter weekend. Additionally, 1,565 people rededicated their lives to Christ, 286 were baptized in water, and 44 were baptized with the Holy Spirit.

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