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A New Horizon: Tony Wurst

By Tony Wurst

When Tony Wurst gave up drugs and alcohol and offered his life to Christ, it was the beginning of an incredible new adventure.


We Are Foursquare

From Jail Back to Jesus: Candace Benton-Lawson

By Candace Benton-Lawson

Caught up in a life filled with drugs, Candace Benton-Lawson's story of how she found The Dwelling Place in Inglewood, Calif., in an unexpected way.


Leadership Profiles

Urban Missionary: Juan Galloway

By The Foursquare Church

Juan Galloway calls himself an urban missionary, dedicated to reaching those who are poor, homeless, drug-addicted and/or living in prostitution.


Leadership Profiles

Finding God’s Grace: Martha and Joseph Manzo

By Martha Manzo

Martha Manzo tells the story of how the Lord brought her from Alaska to a Foursquare church in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.


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Finding the Lighthouse: Pam Heidzig

By Pam Heidzig

When Pam Heidzig saw God’s love through her friend, a Foursquare pastor’s wife, she couldn’t shake it off.


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Finding God’s Love: Kimberly Sedlak

By Kimberly Sedlak

When Kimberly Sediak came clean God did something very special in her life—he still loved her.

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