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Whatever It Takes: Hip-Hop and Biker Cultures (Part 4)

By Bill Shepson

In this new four-part series, we take a close look at some unique Foursquare ministries across the country. Here in Part 4, we join The Street Hip Hop Church in Elizabeth, N.J., and Life Bridge, a church that caters to bikers in Fort Wayne, Ind.


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A New Start: Elaine Vinsonhaler

By Elaine Vinsonhaler

Elaine Vinsonhaler's former addictions almost killed her. But when she gave her life to Christ, she was set free and completely healed. Now she helps others find that same freedom.


Leadership Profiles

God's Transforming Power: Cere Muscarella

By Bill Shepson

Cere Muscarella knows from personal experience how radically God can turn around a person’s life. The Foursquare pastor of Life Church in Angleton, Texas, shares his story and how God has used his congregation to transform hundreds of lives in his community.


Leadership Profiles

What Happens When God Restores: Ryan Brown

By Bill Shepson

Ryan Brown, once homeless, is the NextGen pastor at New Life (Canby Foursquare Church) in Canby, Ore. He demonstrates what it means to disciple young people and help them discover the wonder of their individual calling from God.


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A New Beginning in Christ: Steven and Kimberly Merry

By Steven and Kimberly Merry with Jim Hogan

How one couple left a partying lifestyle behind and found God, who sustained them through their marriage and the severe heart condition of their second child.


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Healing in God's Arms of Love: Susan Baldi

By Susan Baldi

Now an assisting minister at The Gathering Place, a Foursquare church in Folsom, Calif., Susan Baldi shares her incredible story of abuse, pain and bad choices, and how she ultimately found healing in God’s loving arms.


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God Heard My Cry: Chris Stringfellow

By Chris Stringfellow

Chris Stringfellow was addicted to drugs and alcohol and losing everything—and then he found God.


Leadership Profiles

Love Lights Up a City: Paul and Karen Yuschak

By Bill Shepson

The pastors of StreetLight Church have reached out to the inner-city streets of their New Jersey town—a move that has forever changed their lives, and the lives of many others.


We Are Foursquare

Walking in God’s Sufficient Grace: Randy Reed

By Randy Reed

When Randy Reed was younger, he got caught up in a lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. But God got his attention, and now he’s a youth leader in Charles Town, W.Va.



Lessons on Love From a Surprising Place

By Juan Galloway

Who are the great giants of faith to whom we need to open our ears so we can follow in their footsteps? Look no farther than the gutter, says Foursquare Pastor Juan Galloway.

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