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Acts 5: Blind, Yet Thinking We See

By Jim Scott

Blindness is more rampant than we might think, contends Foursquare Missions Director Jim Scott, and he is not only referring to the physical limitation of sight. He points out how jealousy and hatred can blind a person from seeing the works of God, even when there is no denying that the miraculous has occurred. Jim encourages Christians to humbly assess our own ability to see what God is doing among us, and to honestly deal with any personal sin that can cause limitations to our spiritual sight.



Acts 4: Going Viral in Jesus’ Name

By Bonita Sanchez

If the Internet had existed during the ministry of the early church, Foursquare Missionary Bonita Sanchez thinks many of the miracles performed by Jesus’ disciples would have been posted on YouTube. The reaction of the religious leaders of the day would have really been negative if the Acts of the Apostles had “gone viral.”



Acts 3: If I Don’t Tell Them, Who Will?

By Dean Truett

Every day we encounter hurting and dying people, and sometimes we walk by without even seeing them or their needs. Dean Truett, a retired Foursquare missionary and active prison chaplain, reminds us that we have the message of Jesus Christ that the world is desperate for. As Peter did in Acts 3, Dean emphatically challenges believers everywhere to take the message of the gospel to a hurting world.



Acts 2: Go Reach the Nations for God

By Jerry Stott

The Day of Pentecost was truly a remarkable and historic occasion, but Foursquare South Pacific Area Missionary Jerry Stott believes that same kind of Holy Spirit visitation happens today. Recently, he saw the Holy Spirit fill a group of 1,000 Indonesian young people. The experience was life-changing, for them and for Jerry.



Acts 1: Make the Most of Table Talk

By Tammy Dunahoo

Jesus often shared transforming truth with his disciples during meals together. Foursquare Vice President and General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo reminds us how easy it is for deep conversation to happen between friends and family over a meal. She encourages us to make the most of meals and to share more than just food—we should share the life of Jesus, too.



Acts 28: Beware of Fangs!

By Sam Rockwell

Sometimes the very same people who praise our every move can also attack our character and our leadership. Gateway District Supervisor Sam Rockwell says that, like us, Paul faced accusation and adulation by the very same people. Before we assume that these people are necessarily evil, let’s take a closer look at what God is doing.



Acts 27: Conquering Fear in the Face of Adversity

By Glenn C. Burris Jr.

Life has a way of draining us of courage, “taking the fight” out of us, leaving us without hope and expecting the worst. Foursquare President Glenn C. Burris Jr. reminds us that the real enemy is fear in the face of adversity. He says Paul models extraordinary courage in Acts 27, and he uses the apostle’s example to show us how we can live in that same supernatural courage.



Acts 26: Producing Spiritual Fruit in Every Circumstance

By David Wheeler

The apostle Paul wrote some of his most powerful letters while in prison in Rome. His crime? Appealing to Caesar during his trial. Foursquare Missions Go Teams Coordinator David Wheeler has struggled with this passage in Acts 26 and unpacks its potential meaning for Christians, including what he did not necessarily want to hear about his own life.



Acts 25: Paying the Price for Godly Confidence

By Ron Thigpenn

The apostle Paul was fully prepared to pay the price of living and teaching his faith. He knew this could even mean his own death, and he was OK with that. Foursquare Vice President-Chief Financial Officer Ron Thigpenn says that the kind of accountable living Paul modeled in Acts 25 can also help us be more careful about the things we say and do today.



Acts 24: For the Sake of a Clear Conscience

By Larry Spousta

North Pacific District Supervisor Larry Spousta takes on Acts 24 and the intriguing account of the apostle Paul standing trial for his doctrine and his faith in Christ. Through it all, Paul was blameless and held firmly to what he knew to be true. Larry says leaders today can learn a valuable lesson from Paul about how to respond when our faith or our leadership is falsely called into question.

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