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Acts 17: The God Who Can Be Known

By Dennis Easter

God has made Himself known to us, so there is no question about His existence and His care for us. Pacific Coast and Valleys District Supervisor Dennis Easter says: “Where we find ourselves is not an accident with God. He has structured our lives in order to attract us to Him.” Dennis says Acts 17 is not only an answer for those seeking God; it is also a powerful reminder for those of us who have been found by God.



Acts 16: Facing Unforeseen Detours

By Stephenie Madsen

When Emerging Leader Network (ELN) student Stephenie Madsen reads Acts 16, she notices some of the ministry detours that Paul had to endure. She says it’s in these detours that we are offered a choice to extend our vision and to recognize how God really feels about His relationship with us.



Acts 14-15: Giving God the Glory

By Alex Pacheco

Hawaii District Supervisor Alex Pacheco has been doing church for a very long time and confesses that the more church he does, the easier it can be to take credit for things God has done. He says we should take a careful look at the attitude shared by Peter, Paul and Barnabas in Acts 14-15, and remember to give God all the glory for the great things He does among us.



Acts 13: Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. says it’s time for today’s church to reclaim the prevalent influence of the first-century church, which turned the world upside down. He says God has commissioned us to impact the world today, and it’s time believers take seriously the commands of Jesus to be “the light of the world” and “salt of the earth.”



Acts 12: Unshaken Faith

By Christina Chao

Christina Chao, senior pastor of Home of Grace (Las Vegas Foursquare Church) in Nevada transparently shares her personal struggle to fully trust the Lord when her family’s livelihood was jeopardized by a downturn in the family business. She says unshaken faith is more than believing or praying fervently—it’s standing firm in personal relationship with Jesus Christ and watching Him see us through our difficulties.



Acts 11: Open Our Eyes, Lord

By Sterling Brackett

When we receive a vision from the Lord, our lives are forever changed, says Foursquare Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Sterling Brackett. He points to the lives of people in Acts 11, and says we can experience the same spiritual impact today that altered their lives. It’s time to receive a fresh vision from the Lord that will propel us out of our comfort zones and into God’s perfect will.



Acts 10: Knowing and Following the Voice of the Lord

By Kimberly Dirmann

Sometimes we hear the Lord speak to us, and we wonder if it is really Him speaking. Southwest District Supervisor Kimberly Dirmann asks what would have happened if Peter had questioned the word of the Lord in Acts 10. She says Peter would have missed out on a huge and God-intended breakthrough, and she shares why it’s important for us to pray and diligently listen for the voice of the Lord every day.



Acts 8 and 9: Covet God’s Presence

By Glenn Burris Jr.

In the midst of economic and political unrest, both nationally and globally, Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. says the church “could rise to be a voice of hope and reason.” Events occurring today, such as persecution in many places, are akin to what was happening to early Christians, he says, and yet God used them to advance the mission of His church. Glenn exhorts us not to be shaped by our culture, but to influence it for God and to become a place of refuge and strength for others.



Acts 7: Living a World-Changing Life

By Robb Hattem

Northeast District Supervisor Robb Hattem says that when the enemy is wearing us down with warfare, it can cut to the core of our being, tempting us to shrink back and not give ourselves completely to the ministry. Robb encourages us to notice all the miracles that God is doing around us, to stand firm in our faith in Christ, and to do the work of the ministry with conviction.



Acts 6: Praying for Deep Change

By Remi Lawanson

Greater Los Angeles District Missions Representative Remi Lawanson trusts the Lord for transformational change in people—the kind of change that takes us deeper with God and closer to His heart. Remi shares how he came to understand this truth from Acts 6 while he taught leadership workshops in East Africa. It’s not only an inspirational lesson in culture shift, but also a spiritual challenge to be open for everything God wants to do wherever we live and serve.

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