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No Longer Hopeless and Afraid: Holly Morehead

By Holly Morehead

Holly Morehead grew up in a tumultuous home where she and her sister often had to fend for themselves. In hopelessness, Holly turned to alcohol and drugs. But God had a better plan. Now Holly is going into youth ministry so she can help teens who are lost in life as she had once been.


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Former Hippie Finds Hope: Gabrielle Wheeler

By Gabrielle Wheeler

Gabrielle Wheeler was born into a tumultuous home, surrounded by drugs and alcohol abuse. She became an addict herself, which almost ended her life. But then she called out to God to save her. Now she works alongside her husband, Jonathan, to pastor a Foursquare church in Albuquerque, N.M.



What I Learned From Women in Papua New Guinea

By Sue Spousta

When Sue Spousta, an ordained Foursquare minister who serves in the North Pacific District, joined a Foursquare women’s conference in PNG, she had no idea it would be so life-changing. In a country rife with poverty and turmoil, these women face many challenges, daily—and they are doing so with great faith in a great God.


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With Hope and a Smile: Rosalinda P. Vint

By Bill Shepson

Rosalinda P. Vint, assisting minister at LightHouse Church in Newbury Park, Calif., has dedicated her life to helping troubled youth who are transitioning out of foster care or the prison system and desperately need hope and healing. Having been a foster child who suffered much abuse, she founded a non-profit community service organization that reaches at-risk young people.


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Healing in God's Arms of Love: Susan Baldi

By Susan Baldi

Now an assisting minister at The Gathering Place, a Foursquare church in Folsom, Calif., Susan Baldi shares her incredible story of abuse, pain and bad choices, and how she ultimately found healing in God’s loving arms.



Abuse and the Church: Pastoral Awareness (Part 3)

By Bill Shepson

In this three-part series on domestic violence, learn about how to notice signs of abuse and how to give people hope that have been victims of abuse.



Abuse in the Church: From Horror to Hope (Part 1)

By Bill Shepson

In part one of an exclusive three-part series, takes a close look at domestic violence. Find out how one Foursquare church member started a ministry that has rescued thousands from lives of terror, how to recognize the signs of abuse, and how the church can better address the issue.