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Leaders Discuss Future of Foursquare Worldwide at Global Summit

By Rod Light

The mission of The Foursquare Church around the world was the focus of the Foursquare Global Summit in Phoenix, held June 1–3 following Connection 2012. Foursquare national leaders from 65 countries joined with U.S. leaders and invited guests to identify components of effective worldwide evangelism and church development.


Central Office Updates

Leaders to Gather for 2012 Global Summit

By Glenn C. Burris Jr.

Local Foursquare leaders from across the U.S. will join national leaders and global influencers from around the world for the 2012 Global Summit in Phoenix, June 1–3. The goals are to establish a global eldering community; build together a global strategy; refine and strengthen our global infrastructure; and help resource every nation to evangelize, disciple, multiply and send.


Central Office Updates

Glenn Burris Jr. Invites U.S. Churches to Support Global Summit

By Glenn Burris Jr.

In an open letter to U.S. churches, President Glenn Burris Jr. invites them to participate in the upcoming Global Summit, which will take place after Connection 2012 in Phoenix. Churches are invited to watch a new video, as well as pray for and give toward the Global Summit.