Foursquare Stories

It's Story Time.  Pull up a Chair + Stay Awhile.

Read stories about Foursquare leaders and the people they serve as well as historical Foursquare moments and real-life topics.


The Evidence of Faith

By Ron Thigpenn

Ron Thigpenn, chief financial officer, chairman and vice president of The Foursquare Church, shares from the Scripture on the importance of faith in our lives, and that it is a gift to be nurtured.



Discerning the Will of God

By Kathleen Greer

A life lived chasing selfish pursuits is a life squandered. Only through careful study of the Scripture and application of prayer can we begin to discern the will of God. Longtime FMI Missionary Kathleen Greer shares her testimony about the importance of discernment.



Prayer Launched Me on an Extraordinary Journey to Reach Others

By Leonie Kent

When Leonie Kent sought the Lord for future direction in her life, He took her far from her home in Melbourne, Australia, to reach unreached people from other nations who had not yet heard of Jesus. As missions pastor of a Foursquare church in Colorado, she shares what can happen when you’re willing to let God take you anywhere He wants you to go.



Our Divine Inheritance

By Melinda Scott

What truly matters: what we leave after our time on Earth, or what God has provided for us? Foursquare Missions International’s Melinda Scott shares a deeply personal testimony of how God reminded her of our godly heritage and divine inheritance.



Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open

By Jack Hayford

Pastor Jack Hayford explores the nature of our God-given dreams and visions. Accepting these dreams as God’s ideas and praying over them is the start of truly discovering God’s will and purpose for our lives.

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