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Rise Up In Prayer

By Harriet Mouer

May November 5, 2006, be an experience where Foursquare men, women, youth and children “Rise Up” in praise and prayer, in worship and warfare, in unity and strength.



Busyness is Incompatible with Intimacy

By Randy Remington

The very thing necessary for love and closeness with another is time and time is something that busy people don’t have.



Rise Up, My People!

By Rose Mary Castillo

God is waiting to hear the prayers of our Foursquare family as its leaders and their congregations rise up on November 5th to unleash the power of His wonderful name on earth as it is in heaven. Will you join us?



God Wants to Transform us

By Sam Rockwell

Transformation doesn’t happen automatically. God works in and through us to bring about that change. That’s why God wrestled with Jacob all night.



Always Wanting More

By Glenn Burris Jr.

People always want more. We’re never content with what we have and that can lead to dangerous vulnerabilities.

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