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By Mark Leuning

When Paul was imprisoned in the days of the early church, perhaps he could not have imagined the impact his work would have in the future, shares Pastor Mark Leuning. As leaders, we should remember that present circumstances are not always a measure of our impact throughout our lives.



A call to action

By Joe Sutton

What could we do, with willing laborers and hearts open to God’s calling? Pastor Joe Sutton speaks powerful words of Scripture to inspire leaders to fulfill God’s mission for their lives. With prayer and a willingness to work, we can do the miraculous.



Preparing for the unexpected

By Fidel Fernandez

What does God teach us during trials? Pastor Fidel Fernandez shares from his own life about how he, like Paul, went through a personal health crisis, and what the Lord taught him during this trial.



Asking the right questions

By Brad Williams

Pastor Brad Williams describes a time when his vision struggled to keep up with his church, and the questions he prayed that revealed God’s plan to his heart. Are you praying the right questions and allowing the Holy Spirit to move in you today?



Loved and covered

By Ronnie Flores

Pastor Ronnie Flores shares a testimony from a time when he thought he had “blown it,” and how unconditional love changed his outlook. Even when we fail, we are covered and redeemed by the unconditional love of Christ.

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