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Praying in the Spirit

By Gabriela Bogea

It’s easy for church leaders to feel anxious and bogged down by the stressors of caring for all God’s children in this world. Assisting Minister Gabriela Bogea reminds us of the importance of speaking in tongues and praying in the Spirit.



Spirit ‘sent-ibility’

By Chad Carroll

Only through the Holy Spirit’s prompting can church leaders be brave enough to send our best people into new, uncharted territory to fulfill the Great Commission, and save and disciple others. Pastor Chad Carroll calls this sometimes scary and sacrificial practice “Spirit sent-ibility.”



Seeing and believing

By Erin Funk

How did Jesus mobilize and inspire His followers to do such mighty works? As pastor and church-planter Erin Funk shares using examples from Scripture, He believed in His followers and stoked their potential, something all leaders should emulate.



Eye contact

By Thomas Costello

What’s the secret to engaging with people in our church communities? Pastor Thomas Costello reminds us that looking at someone is different from really seeing them, and that taking a moment to really connect with people can mean the world to them.



A transformed heart

By Marysol Ramos

Inspired by the transformation of Paul as related in Acts 9:1-9, Assisting Minister Marysol Ramos shares her powerful personal testimony of healing and forgiveness through the gentle prodding of Jesus on her heart to accept God as her true father.

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