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A transformed heart

By Marysol Ramos

Inspired by the transformation of Paul as related in Acts 9:1-9, Assisting Minister Marysol Ramos shares her powerful personal testimony of healing and forgiveness through the gentle prodding of Jesus on her heart to accept God as her true father.



Forest for the trees

By Dave Sather

As they care for all the people God has put in their lives, pastors may have a difficult time being distracted by all the details around them. How do they find Holy Spirit perspective in their calling? Pastor Dave Sather shares a word of encouragement from Scripture.



The opposite of joy

By Abe Pfeifer

True joy is more than just happiness and celebration in the midst of trials and tribulations. Pastor Abe Pfeifer shares about how his own perspective on joy changed when he realized what joy’s true opposite is.



A call to worship

By Frank Giraldo

It’s easy to feel distracted by our daily tasks and the ever-present screens and messages that accompany us through our days. Assistant District Supervisor Frank Giraldo reminds us to stop and survey the glory of God as it’s revealed to us each day.



God is at work

By Ted Vail

When you feel like you are at your weakest, inadequate and ineffective, God is waiting to move and do a mighty work in you. Foursquare Missions International Director Ted Vail shares encouraging words as The Foursquare Church approaches Easter Sunday.

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