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Central Office Updates

Join Us As We Are ‘Transformed by Jesus’ at Connection 2018

By Glenn Burris Jr.

The Foursquare Church will gather May 28-31 in Seattle with representatives from all over the world, contending together to be a part of God’s transforming plan to help finish the task of the Great Commission. “I am praying that we are transformed as we gather so that we can see transformation happen everywhere we go in the power and anointing of Jesus,” shares Glenn Burris Jr.



Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open

By Jack Hayford

Pastor Jack Hayford explores the nature of our God-given dreams and visions. Accepting these dreams as God’s ideas and praying over them is the start of truly discovering God’s will and purpose for our lives.



What Does It Take to Reach Unreached People Groups?

By Paul Howard

You don’t have to come from an unreached people group to be part of bringing them into the kingdom, you just need to be willing, says Paul Howard, a former Muslim who now serves as pastor of an Arabic-speaking Foursquare church in Colorado.



We Need More People to Disciple Those Who Are Seeking God

By Jeetendra Singh

Foursquare Pastor Jeetendra Singh’s congregation in Aurora, Colo., reaches people from many nations in their city. People around us are spiritually hungry, he’s observed, but more workers are needed to disciple them. We need to be involved in people’s lives so they can observe the way we live and ask us questions about God.


21 Days of Prayer + Fasting

Day 21 – Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement

By Kenneth Ulmer

Join with the global Foursquare family and follow along in 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting 2018. On Day 21, Kenneth Ulmer, senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, Calif., shares about the spiritual gift of encouragement.

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