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Central Office Updates

Presidential selection process update from the corporate secretary

By Adam Davidson

Corporate Secretary Adam Davidson writes an update to credentialed ministers regarding the election of a new president at Foursquare Connection 2019 in Nashville.



Transformed faith

By Matt Kladnik

The disciples lived bold, dynamic lives of faith as they followed Jesus’s leading. Not even jail could dissuade them from praying for more boldness in their ministry. Pastor Matt Kladnik looks at how living a transformed faith changes a person, inside and out.


Disaster Relief

You helped these people stay alive through Project Nourish

By Ken Walker

Thousands of people in Central and East Africa suffering from severe famine are alive and have accepted Christ thanks to the generosity of Foursquare churches and members in partnership with Foursquare Disaster Relief. But with millions still suffering, there is much work to be done.



Turning the world upside down

By Lauren Gelman

In Acts, we learn how the early church changed the world for Christ through simple service and evangelism. Church planting and licensing coordinator Lauren Gelman encourages us to change the world in which we live through daily service and sharing the Good News—true faith is disruptive and transformative.



God’s choice

By Marcus Ellington

When the disciples searched for someone to take Judas’s place, they asked God for His choice. God provided Matthias, a faithful follower of Christ, when the disciples realized they had a need. When we truly look to Him, God will always provide His choice for us.

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