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Learn about how Foursquare is making an impact in your local district. Read some of the local news and stories about Foursquare folks from around the block and all across your district.


Fernando Castillo Jr. to Supervise Southwest/Hawaii District

By Andy Butcher

The Foursquare Church has announced that Fernando Castillo Jr. has been chosen as district supervisor for a new soon-to-be-named Foursquare district being created by bringing together the Hawaii District, where he has been district supervisor since 2013, and the Southwest District.



Bring Your Church Leaders to Connection 2016

By Andy Butcher

Foursquare Connection 2016 isn’t just for senior pastors. Associate pastors, youth and children’s pastors, and other key leaders in your church will benefit greatly from this year’s event, which is themed “Empowered” and being held in Honolulu May 30–June 2.



Gone to Be With the Lord Report (February 2016)

By Foursquare

An updated list of Foursquare credentialed ministers who have recently passed away



Take the Fear Out of Holy Spirit Baptism

By Bryan Finley

The fear of “not doing it right” keeps some people away from pursuing the baptism with the Holy Spirit, shares Foursquare Pastor Bryan Finley. As pastors, we can provide opportunities for the Holy Spirit to have freedom, and help people embrace all that God has to offer them.



Jon Spellman: Released Leadership to His Wife

By Jon Spellman

When God told Jon Spellman that he needed to hand off his role as senior pastor to his wife, Tina, the couple embarked on a new journey releasing both of them into maximum ministry fruitfulness. “As men,” Jon says, “we have to vocally and publicly endorse and affirm women at every level of leadership when we recognize the call in their lives.”

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