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Pacific Southwest

Cancerous tumor miraculously vanishes after prayer

By Rosy Vazquez

Rosy Vazquez, a member of a Foursquare church in Glendora, Calif., was understandably frightened when a cancerous tumor ballooned to the size of a grapefruit. What happened next mystified doctors—but not the people who had been praying for her healing.


Pacific Southwest

Local churches and FDR partner in Hawaii relief efforts

By Foursquare

Lava flows on Hawaii’s Big Island and flooding on Kauai have caused an ongoing humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. But local Foursquare churches, in partnership with Foursquare Disaster Relief, started serving their communities immediately after these disasters, and are making a big difference in people’s lives.


Pacific Southwest

Dick Mills shares how Foursquare’s founder impacted his life

By Dick Mills

Renowned Evangelist Dick Mills reveals how the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson influenced his life and ministry calling, in this article adapted from a video interview before his passing in 2012.


Pacific Southwest

My family’s five-generation service with Foursquare

By Marvel Coffman

Marvel “Sunny” Coffman, a retired Foursquare minister at age 93, recalls her rich heritage in The Foursquare Church, including a grandfather who served on Aimee Semple McPherson’s first advisory board, and a grandmother who was healed at Angelus Temple.


Pacific Southwest

Gone to Be With the Lord Report (2018)

By Foursquare

An updated list of Foursquare credentialed ministers who have recently passed away

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