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Foursquare Legacy

Rolf K. McPherson’s reflections on miracles and healing

By Rolf K. McPherson

Seeing miracles was a normal part of his everyday life growing up, recalls Rolf K. McPherson, son of Foursquare’s founder, Aimee Semple McPherson, who was renowned for her healing ministry. Rolf shares about the miracles he witnessed, and how even he himself was healed when his mother prayed for him.



Loved and covered

By Ronnie Flores

Pastor Ronnie Flores shares a testimony from a time when he thought he had “blown it,” and how unconditional love changed his outlook. Even when we fail, we are covered and redeemed by the unconditional love of Christ.


Disaster Relief

Local churches and FDR partner in Hawaii relief efforts

By Foursquare

Lava flows on Hawaii’s Big Island and flooding on Kauai have caused an ongoing humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. But local Foursquare churches, in partnership with Foursquare Disaster Relief, started serving their communities immediately after these disasters, and are making a big difference in people’s lives.


Foursquare Legacy

Recalling the faith that built Angelus Temple

By Roberta Semple Salter

Roberta Semple Salter, the daughter of Aimee Semple McPherson, remembers her mother’s faith in God to see Angelus Temple built. Naysayers doubted such a feat could be accomplished, especially by a woman. But God had the last word, and the building was dedicated on Jan. 1, 1923.



Great joy

By Chris White

Pastor Chris White noticed the reaction of the crowds who heard Jesus and the disciples speak: They were filled with joy, awe and life. As leaders, let’s strive to fill those who hear us with joy and allow the Holy Spirit to transform them.

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