What does the future ministry of the National Church Office (NCO) look like? The Four-Stage Development Model is about multiplying disciples, leaders, churches and missionary movements. NCO will focus on these four areas and how to resource and encourage local churches in each stage. There are exciting developments all across the country, where local churches are serving their communities, resulting in missional evangelism and disciple-making. This is the heart of Stage 1–Initiate ... plant the gospel!

The current NCO ministry structure includes all 14 districts and the following:

Leadership Care - facilitated by Chuck Shoemake and Robby Booth (Stage 2–Nurture)

Chuck has a counseling office in Northridge, Calif., and an office at the Center for Spiritual Renewal East at the CrossPointe Conference Center in Christiansburg, Va. For more information, contact the Center for Spiritual Renewal.

Robby is based out of Los Angeles and has a counseling office at House on the Hill in Echo Park, which serves as the Center for Spiritual Renewal West. Also a part of CSR West is the availability of Alpenwood Cabin in Lake Arrowhead, which is owned by The Rock (Anaheim Foursquare Church). For more information, contact Robby Booth.

Both Chuck and Robby are available for coaching and counseling in the area of leadership health. In addition, House on the Hill and CrossPointe are available for sabbaticals and study breaks. Our chaplains ministry is also led by Robby in partnership with a field-based team.

Education/Leadership Development - facilitated by Dan Hedges and Tim Mossholder (Stage 2–Nurture)

Dan and Tim specifically serve with ministry institutes and the Emerging Leader Network, which are institutes that include immersion discipleship. Exciting developments are taking place in the area of pre-service and in-service training for leaders.

Church Health/Multiplication - facilitated by Rod Koop (Stage 3–Expand)

Rod specifically serves the district missional leaders in coaching and resourcing in the area of church health and multiplication. Church planting is a key focus in 2011; we will assess our past and strategize for our future based on what we have learned and what is effective in today's culture. Several districts are also field-testing various church health assessment tools.

FMI/NCO Partnership (Stage 4–Send)

One of the exciting changes taking place is a daily working partnership between Foursquare Missions International (FMI) and NCO. In fact, NCO has moved up to the seventh floor of the central office with FMI so that interaction can be more effective. Urban and Multicultural Ministries is coming under this partnership as FMI and NCO work together to receive and send missionaries, further developing U.S. and global missions.

Serving in the office of the president, Dennis Easter will consult with FMI and NCO to ensure that missional elements are integrated, engaged and accelerated in their areas of oversight. God is helping us build a unified effort to reach the harvest, disciple leaders, and plant and multiply churches while we take the gospel around the world!


Administration is necessary to effective ministry, and one of our priorities this year is to complete the assessment of our administrative practices, making them more streamlined and effective as they serve our mission. Tools are also being developed for the local church, such as Church Council Training and a Church Administration Toolkit.

Additional ministries, such as ForeRunners and NextGen, have been decentralized; local churches and district offices have assumed the responsibility for those strategic ministries as we streamline the role and funding of the National Church Office.

We appreciate your prayers as we listen closely to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to The Foursquare Church and how we are to serve you as we partner together with God in His mission! 

By: Tammy Dunahoo, general supervisor of The Foursquare Church